Do you have face problems while downloading apps from the Google PlayStore due to bad and unstable network? If yes then this post is absolutely for you.


Most times your Android phone always gave you such problem of connecting, disconnecting while downloading from Google playstore, poor and unstable network connection could have been the problem that you can’t even download a file of 3MB, and this will be so annoying that you would want to get rid of your app store due to this problem.

However, we have come up with a very perfect solution to make your network stable while downloading from playstore, with the help of TURBO VPN, it a free VPN app totally free but very strong and powerful.

With this VPN it will solve the problem of unstable connection and frequent disconnection.

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So all you have to do is to download it, then connect to any server and head over to Google playstore and download your choice of app. And see how it solve the problem very easily.


Go straight to Google PlayStore and use the key word TURBO VPN to search for it, then download it. It’s a free application.

After downloading, launch it, select any server, preferably the one that has very high connection speed, as it indicate the level of speed on each server. Next, go back and connect.

TURBO VPN can also be use to access blocked sites, also bypass ISPs.

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