How To Hide Videos, Audios, Photos And Files Without Third-party App

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Are you looking for how to hide any of your files such as videos, musics, photos and many others without using any third-party apps? Yes! You can now do that easily and quickly, without rooting your smartphone and this is the best way and method to hide your files from unauthorized access on your Android smartphone.

Once you hide your videos, musics and any other files you have in your smartphone, they won’t be available on any where in your Android phone till you decides to unlock it yourself. Meanwhile, you can also use a third-party apps to lock your smartphone but in this tutorial, no app will be used. Let’s go on.

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How To Hide Your Photos, Audios, Videos And Any Files On Your Android Smartphone

  • It is easy and simple. Just go to your File manager and choose SD card or Phone internal storage.
  • Tap on the three-dotted line and tap on Show hidden files.
  • Then create a folder with any name e.g Prexblog files. Then move or copy all the files you want to hide inside the newly created folder.
  • Now rename your folder by adding dot sign at the beginning of the folder name. For example, .prexblog files. As shown below.

  • Now tap on the three-dotted line again and tap on Hide hidden files.
  • So that’s all, you have successfully hidden your files.
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Watch video below, if you understand.
Note: If you want to show hidden files, just tap on three-dotted line and tap on Show hidden files then rename the folder by removing the dot.
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