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How to Add Gesture Unlock Feature On Android

Gesture unlock feature is not available on all the Android phones. If you are interested and want to add this feature on your phone then you can download the application called as Gesture Unlock.

This application is safe and you can add the lock of your choice. It means you can insert any pattern and this will work fine for all the mobile phones.
This application is having the alternative lock screen it means you need to disable any pattern or password lock to enable this application feature. If you want to add the double security on your phone then this application will be best to work with your phone.
There is also the Xposed module which doesn’t need any application and you just need to install the Module on your phone and the settings of Gesture unlock feature will be available on your phone.
This is simple and easy and anyone with the application can enjoy this features. I will suggest you use the Rooted application which works almost in all the Android phones.
If you are having the Android Nougat then the rooted and Xposed method won’t be working just because the Xposed framework is still not available for the Android version 7.0 and 7.1.1.

Let’s get started with the guide of the way you can enable the feature on any of your Android phones.

How to Add Gesture Unlock Feature on Your Android Device [Non-Rooted]

  • Download and install the Gesture Unlock Android application on your device from here: Play Store
  • Open the application and you will check out the option to enable the Gesture Feature just click on OK.

Add Gesture Unlock Feature On Android

  • Now, simply Turn on the Enable the Gesture feature
  • Create the Gesture and you are almost done. Now, simply repeat the same gesture to confirm it.
  • If you want you can add the recovery password in case you forget the real password which can be a pin-lock.

Add Gesture Unlock Feature On Android

  • Done! Simply lock your phone and unlock it again and then you will check out the feature of Gesture unlock on your Android phone.

Add Gesture Unlock Feature On Android

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