Do you Know that Chromebooks Will Now Have Android Apps

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News have it that Google has just announced that all the new Chromebooks that will be launched this year will all run Android.

Google says that all of its newly released Chromebook laptops this 2017 will all have Android apps. It is said that these will be able to run apps that are specifically designed for Android devices. What this means is that users can now use Android apps side by side the Chrome apps in the Chromebook.

The deal with Google

As of now, there are only three Chromebooks that can run apps for Android. These are the Acer Chromebook R11, Asus Chromebook Flip and the Google Chromebook Pixel.

Google indeed does its best to see to it that these will be more popular through time. The company does it by ensuring that all Chromebooks that are to be released this year will all be Android ready.

Chromebooks are becoming the trend

According to reports, you just need to sign in the Google Play store with your own account. For now, not every Android app is made for Chrome. However, Google is already telling app  developers to make future apps Android compatible.

Chromebooks have made its mark in the market, as it successfully positioned itself as a more affordable substitute to Windows and Mac laptops.

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