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The Ultimate Secret to Buy Large Amounts Of Bitcoin- how to get bitcoins

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As Bitcoin’s price takes off close to the finish of 2017 numerous investors are hoping to buy a lot of Bitcoin. The standard techniques utilized by the vast majority aren’t generally reasonable for such buys because of high exchange and store expenses and constrained supply of Bitcoins on the exchanges. how to get bitcoins This guide will demonstrate to you the most practical approaches to buy Bitcoins in expansive sums (i.e. surpassing $100,000). 

Bitcoin OTC exchanges versus customary Bitcoin exchanges 

The two principle alternatives you have for buying a lot of Bitcoin are either utilizing OTC exchanges (OTC = over the counter) or the customary exchanges. OTC exchanges allude to organizations or individual wiling to offer you Bitcoins straightforwardly and not through a directed and mechanized exchanging stage. how to get bitcoins

OTC exchanges benefits 

High liquidity – OTC organizations spend significant time in providing high volumes of Bitcoin for expansive buyers, for example, institutional investors. This implies you will have the capacity to get your request satisfied in full quicker than on a customary exchange more often than not. 

Settled price – When you buy a lot of Bitcoin on an open mechanized exchange you will most likely observe the price ascend as your request is being executed. This is because of the way that once you complete the process of buying from the “shoddy” sellers, you step by step move to the “costly” sellers. This implies you don’t have a settled price for your buy. When you utilize an OTC exchange you can arrange a settled price (e.g. “Bitstamp rate + 1%). 

OTC exchanges disservices 

Less straightforwardness – While on a conventional exchange the request book is straightforward for anyone passing by to view, when buying Bitcoins OTC you don’t know precisely who you’re managing or the volume that they need to exchange. You are constructing your data exclusively with respect to what you get from the dealer. how to get bitcoins

Less direction – Buying OTC implies that there is less control required since a hefty portion of the OTC sellers aren’t recorded as cash transmitters henceforth the hazard with these exchanges increments. 

Known Bitcoin OTC exchanges 

Having recorded the different upsides and downsides of utilizing OTC exchanges we should go over a portion of the more known OTC exchanges in the Bitcoin economy. The greater part of these administrations require for you to apply and are not open for the overall population. 

ItBit for establishments 

ItBit is an outstanding Bitcoin exchange supported in 2013. It is a directed exchange in the US that provisions Bitcoin exchange administrations for little and institutional investors. ItBit for organizations is the full-benefit monetary administrations organization for establishments exchanging bitcoin. how to get bitcoins The Institutional Client Group (ICG) gives foundations and dynamic merchants with customized administration and support. Itbit states that its OTC market has exceptionally focused estimating which makes it extremely alluring thinking of it as’ additionally a managed exchange. 


Genesis is an institutional exchanging firm offering two-sided liquidity for advanced money, including bitcoin and ether. Since September 2013, Genesis has exchanged more than 1,500,000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth over $600 million United States Dollars, and has finished more than 6,000 exchanges. 

The organization has a base exchange size of 25 Bitcoins (as of now worth around $22,000). However their normal exchange is around 375 Bitcoins (at present worth around $300,000). 

Not at all like some other OTC exchanges, Genesis is controlled by FINRA and the SEC. They have likewise presented their demand for a Bitlicense in the condition of New York. They have been secured by the press ordinarily in spite of the fact that very little has been caught wind of them amid 2016. how to get bitcoins

Cumberland mining 

The organization offers aggressive estimating for institutional size Bitcoin exchanges. They supply liquidity to a portion of the major customary Bitcoin exchanges also. There’s very little information on the organization’s site however Coindesk has inquired about it in the past and they have additionally collaborated with Tradeblock. 

Richfund – The biggest Bitcoin flexible investments on the planet 

Richfund was established back in mid 2013 by a group of bitcoin defenders. It manages mining operations, showcase making, computerized arbitrage, and OTC exchanging. Richfund gives 1000-5000BTC’s huge OTC administrations in China, Korea, Cambodia, Hongkong and Taiwan. how to get bitcoins

Customary Bitcoin exchanges suited for extensive exchanges 

On the off chance that you need to utilize conventional mechanized and controlled Bitcoin exchanges to buy a lot of Bitcoin there are a few exchanges that are suited for that reason. 

Coinbase (wallet and exchange) 

Coinbase is one of the main Bitcoin organizations today. There are two choices for you to buy a lot of Bitcoins through Coinbase. 

Coinbase wallet – If you’re a completely checked part you can buy Bitcoins from Coinbase’s business benefit straightforwardly up to $50,000 every day (in a few states in the US you can raise the point of confinement to $100,000 day by day). Despite the fact that the price is near the market price Coinbase will take 1% of these exchanges which is moderately costly. 

GDAX (Coinbase exchange) – The exchange has an exchanging volume of around 4,000 Bitcoins per day.When you put in a request at the market price that gets filled instantly, you are viewed as a taker and will pay a charge in the vicinity of 0.10% and 0.25%.When you submit a request which is not quickly coordinated by a current request, that request is put in on the request book. In the event that another client puts in a request that matches yours, you are viewed as the creator and your charge will be 0%. However GDAX has bring down day by day buying limits than the Coinbase wallet business administration and it will permit you to buy up to $10,000 worth of Bitcoins a day. how to get bitcoins


The most seasoned Bitcoin exchange around, Bitstamp as of now has a normal exchanging volume of 5,000 Bitcoins day by day. Store expenses are as low as 0.05% and relying upon your exchanging volume you will pay an exchange charge of between 0.25%-0.1%. In the event that you are utilizing SEPA to exchange your cash you won’t be charged any store expenses. 

(On an individual note, I utilize this strategy to buy a lot of coins) 


Established in 2011, San Francisco-based Kraken is the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Euro volume and liquidity and furthermore exchanging Canadian dollars, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. Kraken has comparable exchanging volume to Bitstamp with around 5,000 Bitcoins every day exchanged all things considered. how to get bitcoins

Kraken expenses are ascertained on a producer taker module like GDAX. The charges change from 0%-0.26% depending in case you’re the creator or the taker. how to get bitcoins


With the majority of the buildup around it, Bitcoin is still in its early stages and the choices to buy a lot of it are restricted. Notwithstanding, the administrations recorded above will give you a more than reasonable answer for this circumstance. In the event that conceivable and liquidity grants I recommend running with the managed exchanges (i.e. Bitstamp, Kraken, GDAX) over the OTC exchanges. how to get bitcoins

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