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How To Earn 10 bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Evangelist

Fascinating Up to 10 Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Evangelist Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow This mission  

Paxful Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk: Purchase Bitcoins Instantly From Anywhere
Earn Bitcoins While Becoming a Bitcoin Evangelist

Attention: Earn Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Affiliate

Bitcoin is a confusing topic for most people. There are many methods and paths to consider when trying to understand how it works, let alone how to purchase a bitcoin. At Paxful we have made a great effort finding a way to streamline the entire process for our users and anybody in the world who is looking to participate and empower themselves with the freedom offered through a decentralized currency accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We noticed that most of the existing services have been tailored for individuals who have access to banking systems, though when it came to purchasing bitcoins through other means – such as gift cards, debit cards, cash deposits etc – the options were somewhat limited.

Attention: Earn Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Affiliate

We listened to each and every complaint, suggestions and compliment, but it was the difficulty that the average person had when trying to purchase bitcoins that really taught us. We put all their feedback into the product and even renamed all of our “customer support” representatives to “feedback analysts”. We strongly believe that the job is only complete when the product gets better. For seven months we took everything we learned and put the entire process into a three step wizard that could be placed anywhere online, thus allowing anyone in the world to purchase their first bitcoin instantly!

Introducing Paxful’s Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk (BitSeed)

We wanted to find a way to allow users to plant our seeds wherever they may desire, so that we can watch them grow and fruit. Of Course this is all metaphorical but that is the way we like to look at it.  Our team worked around the clock for over 6 months to find the best possible solution for you to benefit from. Roots sets a solid foundation for a new buyer’s entry into the bitcoin space. Speed, ease of use and best of all plenty of options for everyone! It is a small graphical button that you can place on your website, forum or anywhere else. This is matched with a unique identifier, ensuring that every person who comes through to our site with your BitSeed widget will be tied up to your account. This way you can rest assure you are reaping the rewards of your labour!

Attention: Earn Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Affiliate

We at Paxful love bitcoin. The blockchain is an integral technology which bitcoin could not function without, but we did not want to confuse people with the complexity of this new and innovative technology or the difficulty of finding a place to purchase a bitcoin.

One Line of code you can customize for your blog, site, app or wallet and you get a PayPal like window that lets you get your first bitcoin with or without a bank account or debit card. People can buy bitcoins in over 300 different ways across four main categories.

  1. Gift Cards – Instant, private and good for small amounts. 60% of purchases!
  2. Digital Wallets – Instant (ID required).
  3. Credit Debit – Instant for a higher price (ID required).
  4. Cash Deposits – Best Price in 2+ hours.
You earns bitcoins with instant payouts!

Through our simple affiliate program, you earn 2% of the total transaction made through your referrals as commission! As an affiliate you gain access to your own dashboard where you can customise the widget and monitor the number of sales made through your own unique link! Helping others purchase bitcoins has never been easier. Be rewarded for doing something positive for those looking to partake and join the bitcoin community.

The Paxful Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk is simply the best way to earn bitcoins.

Oh yeah, one more lil thing.. Prizes!
We’re giving away 10 bitcoins in prizes to anyone who puts Roots – our button/widget – on their Website, app or blog! To qualify, you have to make sure at least $10 USD worth of bitcoins are purchased via your link. The top three affiliates get 1 bitcoin each and a further seven people who will be chosen randomly will also get one bitcoin each. Fair is Fair and everyone has a shot. In total we are giving away 10 BITCOINS (~$9000) on February 10th. Sign up and get started today!

Attention: Earn Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Affiliate

Did we miss anything?
We have had a lot of feedback questioning our integrity and we believe this is normal. Especially in the bitcoin space where many are wrongfully led. To give you a piece of mind: Paxful has successfully serviced over 400,000 customers from all around the globe.

We would like to also be transparent about some statistics we have gathered and would like to share with you. There is the 20/80 rule. Where 80% of the total earnings are directed through only 20% or less of websites who use our Roots affiliate link. Naturally the bigger websites with the greater traffic have the ability to direct more users, and unfortunately this can lead to an uneven distribution of referrals, despite our greatest efforts in providing huge bonuses in the form of giveaway prizes. We can’t do much on our end to change that but we know the bitcoin community can! This is a community consisting of the most resilient, aware, brilliant and moral folks around. We really want the world to be a better place and we have a sound ideology. Attention: Earn Bitcoins While Becoming A Bitcoin Affiliate We respect our community and all our users and do our best to keep things fair. So get involved and start earning from your hard earned traffic.

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