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Sponsored Post- Everything You Need To Know About Peplum

Everything You Need To Know About PeplumDresses

Everything You Need To Know About PeplumDresses

Peplum dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets have been among the most popular women’s

clothing silhouettes for years, but in fact, peplum has been around much longer – already in

the 1940s the most sophisticated fashionistas sported peplum clothes. Today peplum can be

found in the collections from top designers and clothing lines from affordable brands. Find

out more about this type of dresses and how to wear them.

What is a peplum?

Although this word is thousands of years old and has Greek origins, its meaning is not

complicated at all. A peplum is simply a small overskirt, which makes the hem appear

elongated, that is sewn in around the waist. A peplum dress is designed in a way to draw the

most attention to your hips. However, a good peplum dress can do much more than that.

When the dress is perfectly fitting and worn right, it can transform your whole shape: add

some lift to your bust, accentuate your tiny waist, and give you the coveted hourglass figure.

What made the peplum silhouette especially beloved by women all over the world is that it

doesn’t require you to have a perfect body to enjoy a good peplum dress. On the contrary, if

you feel like your figure could use some shaping up, a peplum garment is exactly the way to

go, as there is no other type of dress that highlights all your best features at once.

How to wear a peplum dress?

No matter which body type you have, the right kind of a peplum dress can make you look

even more stunning than you do right now. Hourglass figures look even more perfect in a

peplum dress, while stick-thin girls can finally get some curves with the help of a peplum.

Heavy-bottomed women can use the peplum to balance out their shape, and a fitting peplum

dress can hide away your tummy. There are a couple of other tips for wearing the peplum

silhouette that you should know:

● Maximize the transformation effect of a peplum dress by using the colorblocking

effect. Find the area in your body you want to accentuate and wear a peplum dress

with a lighter color on that area – that way the part of your figure you want to hide will

be made far less visible by the darker part of the dress.

● Keep the overall look simple. Since the peplum is a very eye-catching detail in a

dress, try to make the colors, shapes and accessories of your look muted. Of course,

you can still enjoy a vibrantly colored peplum dress, but make sure to pair it with a

solid-colored pair of shoes, purse, and jacket, to keep the outfit elegant.

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