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Official Statement for Note7 Customers

As you may be aware, globally Samsung has
discontinued the production and sale of Galaxy
Note7. Although Galaxy Note7 was not sold in
the Indian market, we still strongly urge all our
Galaxy Note7 customers to immediately power
down their devices and contact our Call Center


For Air Travelers & Airport Announcement

If you are a Foreign National or an International
Traveller currently in India and are planning to
travel, we advise you to visit the nearest Service
Center and hand over your Galaxy Note7 device
to our Service Center representative. You will
receive an acknowledgement receipt, which can
be used to avail of the Refund program available
in the country where you purchased the device.
You need to visit the authorized Samsung
Service Center of your country to avail the

Alternately, to ensure that you are not
inconvenienced, we shall also be arranging a
“Loaner” handset (for International Travellers, the
working of these units may depend upon the
Handset frequency bands available in your
country). The loaner unit, along with the
Acknowledgement Receipt, need to be returned
in your respective country for availing the
Refund. This facility of availing loaner units is
available at all our service centers and select
airports. To know more details please call our
Call Center
We would also like to inform you that as per a
DGCA advisory, carrying Galaxy Note7 aboard on
aircraft is prohibited until further instructions.
Although we did not sell Note7 in India, we are
working with Airline Authorities in India to ensure
you are not inconvenienced. Your safety is our
priority and we urge you to comply with the
DGCA advisory.

Refund: All those customers who have purchased
the Galaxy Note7 from overseas markets, we are
offering a full refund, equivalent to the Invoice
Value. Customers not carrying the Invoice are
advised to contact our Call Center for details of
the refund process. The Refund will be
processed only for Customers having India Bank
accounts and transaction will be done only in
Indian currency

For any queries on the Refund process, Voucher
Process and details of Service Centers Please
feel free to contact our Call Center
For Prebook Customers
For all Note lovers who pre-booked the device in
India and have waited patiently, we would like to
extend our deepest gratitude. As a small gesture,
we have made an offer on Galaxy S7 edge/
Galaxy S7 in lieu of your prebooking on Galaxy
Note7. This Offer shall be valid for Eligible
customers who purchase & activate Galaxy S7 or
Galaxy S7 Edge from 2 September to 7

November 2016.
On purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge/S7, you
will get the following benefits:
i. Samsung Gear VR to you absolutely free
ii. Samsung Level U – Stereo Wireless Headset
absolutely free
iii. To deliver the best experience on your Gear VR,
we would be gifting you an Oculus VR content
iv. Voucher worth INR 3,300 approx. ($50)
absolutely free
v. In addition, we would also offer you One Time
Screen Replacement for a period of 12 months
from date of activation
Refund for Prebook customers: For all our
Prebook customers interested in refund, we are
offering a Full refund of your prebook amount.
Please visit

for more details
Disclaimer: Samsung shall not be responsible for
any data loss during data transfers and shall not
be liable to any indemnity.

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