Android: Test your binary skills with the @AndroidWear Binary Watch Face.


Binary Clock Watch Face for Android Wear
Devices with Version 5 or higher
• fully customizable
• with Ambient Mode
• for round and square Watches
• smaller view when Notifications are visible
• Background Images

How to get to the Configuration?

At your wear Companion App, when the Watch
Face is selected, click the little Gear Icon
Overlay to get to the Configuration Screen. This
is the by Google Intended Way to implement

Watch Face Configurations and prevents the App
Drawer to get flooded with Configuration Apps.

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• read external Storage
This is necessary to be able to select
Background Images from external sources

What’s New
– added: buttons to manually enter hex color
– added: Ambient Mode Preview
– added: Toggle for Preview Modes
– added: french translation (thanks Geoffrey)
– added: basic battery indicator
– fixed: anti-alias in ambient mode
– added: shadows
– fixed: binary block was not centered correctly
– added: separate toggles for ambient mode
– fixed: black Screen on Ambient Mode on some


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