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I know Most Guys know this Cheat But…. Glo 0.00kb free browsing cheat via UC Mini Handler is still Global Global Global working and now with unlimited downloading although people experienced difficulties with downloading with this tweak before but hey, solution is here so you can now download as you want as long as you follow the trick on this post.
This cheat works in UC mini handler browser only
There is no speed throttling
The cheat doesn’t power all apps
It’s completely free of charge that’s why we call it glo 0.00 cheat
Interestingly, it’s unlimited
Remember you need to be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, kindly SMS PAYU to 127 if you are not on the plan yet. Now, immediately you get a reply that “you are using data Pay As You Go to browse.” Turn ON Airplane Mode ✈ for a few seconds and turn it OFF again to the Normal Mode. After that, proceed with below settings.
First of all, Download UC Mini Handler. http://www.datafilehost.com/d/25d0aed3
APN Settings
✔ APN: gloflat
✔ APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
✔ Proxy: leave it blank
✔ Port: leave it blank
Now open the UC mini handler app on your phone and configure it with below settings:
✔ Device user agent: click and choose Android
✔ Web user Agent: click and choose Opera or Safari
✔ Handler download limit: 9999999991
✔ Tick remove port
✔ Proxy Type: Real Host
✔ Proxy Server: redirect.glo.com
✔ Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
✔ Real Proxy Port: 80
Save and open any website.
✔ To download any file, game, video or music,
✔ Goto site like http://tvshows4mobile.com
✔ To download a season film, just pick the film you want to download and opt to download either 3gp and mp4 format
✔ Go to the download side and long press on what you are downloading and you will see three dots as an option, click on it, then press detail.
✔ Scroll down and press copy, press back button, long press the film again, press something like basket, press delete and then press back button.
✔ After that, press new tab and go to a webproxy site like http://German-proxy.de or buka.link, clear the http:// or youtube.com in the box
✔ Long press the box, press paste, press go or surf.
✔ It will bring german.php or browse.php, clear the browse.php or german.php, put the name of the file, i.e if it is film, name of the film e. g “Jennifer’s Diary”
✔ After that, end it with .mp4 or .3gp extension
✔ For the music e. g Bank Alert, end it with .mp3
✔ For PDF files e.g Documentation, then end it with .pdf
✔ For an application, e. g Mobdro, then end it with .apk
After that, click on Download with the correct name and file format as above and you are good to go. Download unlimited as you want with glo 0.00 cheat without interruption.
Meanwhile, in any case that the download stops at any time, what you should do is just open a new tab, go to Facebook.com, login and the download will continue. Enjoy the tweak while it last.
Kelvin Alexander
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