I will be telling you guys the latest happenings, generally in form of a one on one gist going on satellite world.

If you read my last article on strong 4922a series which you can find on my blog incase you didn’t read it, i did stated that we would keep waiting forever for 4922 to auto roll HD 24 and other powervu channels. Rumors then had it that the next patch which would be release, 198p, would auto roll HD 24. Now the bitter truth is, patch 198p has been out for days which you can get here  Strong receivers/Strong wizard files/Strong for middle east and it was only updated with EMM keys for tandberg. So if you are still one of those waiting, i’m afraid you will have to wait till 2098 before it would auto roll. So my advice for you is to move on, but don’t dispose the receiver yet.

Few days ago, according to link  , it have it that Ote sports on Eutelsat 9.0E has been hacked and added to Dqcam and Gshare server. We also read that, it works on gshare 4th generation receivers, which are partly andriod. I will come back to that later. Dqcam server was tested on ote sports, but nothing working. So far, we haven’t gotten feedbacks from those having gshare accounts for 9.0E, Ote sports. But have in mind that when it’s confirmed, it would be also out on cccam as well.  Also note that, apart from strong 4950 series, i won’t put my money on any gshare enabled receiver.

I know you might be wondering what’s going on for small dish users. The thing is, nothing for small dish users anymore. Few days go, we got crypto keys for Eutelsat 9.0E which opens all the HD channels and kabelkiosk packages. Exactly after 5 days, all the keys was blocked. That’s one of the reason why small dish are things of the past now on anything iks or cccam. All the latest discoveries now are for the big dish users. For Qsat, they’re dead and buried. But there’s a strong rumor i heard from one of my reliable source that Qsat are trying to come out with a different brand name. They currently have the medicine for canalsat, and so they most find anything and everything possible to force it on Africans, it’s left for you to let them milk you once more or you give them deaf ears. cccam is still doing great on 16E, for 60cm users.

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