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IPhone 7 cell phone monitoring software reviews

Wonders shall never end, an electronic store in Ukraine is offering five free units of latest iPhone 7 to anyone who is willing to change his or her legal name to ‘iPhone 7’ and according to the Associated Press, a 20 year old young man decided to change his name to iPhone Cim (that’s “seven” in Ukrainian, spelt with an “C” or a “S”)
Yes, the guy legally, changed his name and as promised, he got his free Apple phone. See him below holding up his updated passport and fancy phone prize:

Hilarious right? Well, iPhone 7 costs the about $850 in Ukraine, and according to the AP reports, changing of name costs just $2.
The guy’s original name is Olexander Turin but while people saw his action as crazy, he see it as being smart as he later told the Associated Press that he might change his name back when he has children.
Stating that by that time, there will probably be new iPhone like iPhone 28 . It’s well.
Things are really happening. Even down here, so many girls are now opening their legs and doing all sorts of things in a bid to own iPhone 7. No be today e start oo.

Kelvin Alexander
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