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Secure Connection/Why You need VPN

So many of us must have heard of VPN before
The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the most important thing you
need to know about a particular VPN is that it
secures your computer’s internet connection
to guarantee that all of the data you’re
sending and receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.
Why Should I Secure My Connections?

our internet connection is a channel from the
outside world into your computer. If it is not
secured properly someone may use it to get to
your information or hijack your connection or
computer for their own purposes.
Having an unsecured wireless network can
allow anyone within range to access your
network or use your internet connection. They
could use up your data
(possibly resulting in excess usage fees),
intercept and read your email or, more
seriously, use your account to access illegal
content or undertake criminal activities.
If you are using a wireless connection to
connect to the internet, or between other
computers in your home or business (a wireless network), make sure you can protect
your connection.
The access point makes itself known to other wireless devices (like the wireless card in your
computer) by broadcasting an identification
number (SSID). Computers that have a wireless
card, and have permission to access the
wireless frequency, can use this connection.
Because wireless networks do not require a
wire between a computer and the internet
connection, it is possible for anyone within
range to intercept the signal if it is
Why Should I Use A VPN?
So many believe that the only reason why they
should use a VPN is because Paypal doesn’t accept some country so VPN will help change your IP. But now that PayPal allow most
countries now including Nigeria, why should I use a VPN?
==>It allows you to surf the net
anonymously in such a way that your IP address will not be detected.
==>There are some site you can’t visit, nor view
their content if you are from a particular location, for such site, VPN will do the magic, and unravel the contents for you.
==>It is a private network, which means that it is secure to carry out internet transactions with 100% safety guaranteed.
==>With VPN, you can be surfing on highly
secured connections and could be able to
dodge some of the publicly distributed online
malwares, worms, spyware, adware, bots,
back doors, virus such as Trojans etc. In other
words, your entire device needs a vpn
==>For those using Adsense or any other,
VPN allow you to be serve PPC ads with
high CPM and CPC because if you are visiting
from America while you are in Nigeria, your RPM will be high.
Best VPN For Your Android, IPhone,
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