How To Download YouTube Videos

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For those of you that are busy enjoying your
tricks on etisalat I know you would want to
download videos from YouTube, but it is kind of  impossible, because you can only watch
videos on YouTube but can’t download them.

So here is what I have for the android users
TubeMate==> Tubemate is an android App
which enable you do download and watch
movies  on youtube but there’s this thing I
love about this application
You can pause the video and continue your
download at anytime
Download TubeMate here
For The Non-Android Users
==>savefromnet: this is a web site that gives
you a post to post the YouTube video link of
your choice then click on download and you’re done,

All you have to do is
>>go to YouTube
>>click on your choice video
>>copy the the video’s link from YouTube
>>go to this site
>>post the link before the download tab
>>Then click on download that’s it you’re done
If you have boy idea kindly help us by posting
in the comment box below
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