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Ways Of Detecting A Fake SD Card

Am very sure some of us must have been a victim of purchasing a fake SD card one way or the other cause, it is a something we cannot escape as long as you are buying from a 21st century market.

Have you ever brought a memory card of 32 gigabyte rush home wanting to fill it with files only to find out that it is just 2GB? sorry na fake.
Or have you ever removed your memory card from your phone but only to get a damaged or corrupt SD card after putting it back? na fake oh.
Well, you know how you must have been a victim of a fake memory card, but I will want you to check my previous post on fixing a damaged SD card
Do not think that those cheap memory card you use to see are all fake and the expensive one are the original, if that’s your thought then you are thinking wrong. 40 percent of the cheap ones are real while 60 percent of the expensive ones are fake.
But how can some one fetch out an original from the fakes?
You just relax and follow me carefully, for I will be showing you two detailed guide of detecting a fake memory card so you won’t be a victim next time.
How Do I Detect a Fake SD card?
==> SD Insight: Detecting the fake from the real thing from it packaging is impossible, that why we will be using SD Insight.
SD Insight is a free mobile application that allows you to view SD card manufacturing details, original size and lot more, it’s easy to use and fast.
How It Works
=> First you download SD Insight
=> Insert your SD card into your Android device
=> Launch the SD Insight app, your SD card information will display in seconds even if you have more than one memory card in your device
Informations like :
>manufacturer name
>date of manufacture
>product name and
>serial number.
See more detailed information about your memory card, in the menu option.
If your SD card is a fake this is how you will know, a fake memory card wont bring any or little of the information above.
==>H2testw: This is a free PC tool you can use to test for a Fake USB flash drives, SD Card, and Other storage devices, it can check for your USB Flash Drive for errors.
It works by filling the chosen target drive with test data and then reads this data back to verify it.
Where To Download It
Like I said earlier on it is a PC application so you will be needing a PC
Download it for your
If yours is original and it’s misbehaving or displaying a corrupt or damaged SD card error
Just format it or follow the procedure above to repair it.
Kelvin Alexander
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