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Google Will Soon Allow Users To Test Apps On Play Store Before Installing Them

This is really a great news to me and so it will be to other Google play lovers, hearing that Google is set to allow all It’s users to test an application on Google play before downloading them.
Google play store is the biggest online store and market for the best and worst Android applications. We download new and unknown applications every day while trying to find a cool and nice application and sometimes games but most of the games and applications we download are rubbish.

I happened to be the number one fan of downloading unknown application from Google play while trying to find the perfect ones to suite my taste, which 70 percent of my downloaded applications are not good at all.

With this method of fishing for applications, I now have all the list of the best HD games, best browsers, best movie applications, which I will be sharing with you all very soon, but this method consumes an enormous amount of Gigabyte cause you have to install lots of Apps before finding the best.
So below is what you need to know about this good newsletter .

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What You Need To Know About It

It was just this week Google made the official announcement early this week that all Android will soon be able to run a test version of an application on play store before installing it on their Android devices.

You will be able to run a demo version of your required application for ten minutes (10 minutes) before installing the application, for example.
You won’t be able to install games like “Shadow fight for children” when you are actually looking for good games like “shadow fight 2”, cause you will be able to test the game with just a little megabyte, verify if it is cool or not before you actually install it, So you don’t get to download tons of scrap games from play store before you actually gets what you are looking for.


Though this new development is currently available in Singapore and USA, But Google promised to make it available to other countries as soon as possible, so I just can’t wait for this new development to get to my country, am just tired of downloading scraps applications.

Kelvin Alexander

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