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Top 8 Lessons About 25 Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter To Learn 2016

How To Handle Every 25 Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

 Do you Know that Twitter has Keyboard Shortcuts?  Yes! Twitter Has. I was roaming my Twitter Handle @Applygist, Suddenly a wrongly pressed some strange keys which Pop up the bellow Shortcuts for Twitter.

Now, I am sharing this simply Shortcuts so that when you are on your twitter page, you can easily navigate twitter with ease. The fact has remained that twitter happens to be World To, social media where you can easily share thoughts, Moments, Ideas, Business activities with millions of Fans without any Limitation. Yes. All people need to do is to create a twitter account, CREATE A TWITTER ACCOUNT HERE
like https://twitter.com/applygist, and you will be asked to Follow one or two people. Afterwards, you can Go to the Search Box, 

Simply Search the Individual you want to Follow E.g Search  “Mario” then hit the search button to display users with “Mario” As their Twitter Handle. 
Twitter is far amazing compared to Other social media. Why? Just on your TimeLine, you see what your celebrity, role model, organization  or whoever you follow is twitting. Then is posted within the shortest Summery as possible. No way for BUG and SPAM messages. The messages will just keep rolling down on there own, in the case of mobile twitter users, once you reload your browser page, the most recent tweet will appear. 
Another Good advantage of twitter, and then learning shortcut on your keyboard is that You get to hear the latest Gist from the Horse’s-Mouth. Unlike Facebook, where Mr A carries the rumor, Mr. B adulterates it and so on, Before if get to you it becomes a tale, Grafted with false English, Depriving you of the original version of the person who posted it.

As a Tech Blogger,  +drmaxayuba , @Applygist.com, I follow so many Tech and Gadget companies such as @Tecno, @Nokia @Samsung etc, So the moment a new Gadget is out, the Company tweet it dierect, then i will go check it out and Blogg about it. This will help me have quality post not copy and Paste. If you happen to be a News Blogger, I recommend you to follow so many celebrities on Twitter. Why?? Because once they post a tweet, you can grab it and be the first to rebroadcast it, this will have a big impact for you on Google search. So follow this Keyboard Shortcuts for twitter so that you can be very fast it manipulating information at your fingertips. 
The Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts include the Following: 
n       New Tweet
l         Like

r        Reply
t        Retweet
m      Direct message
u       Mute User
b       Block User
Enter Open Tweet details
o        Expand photo
/        Search
Ctrl Enter  Send Tweet
?        This menu
j         Next Tweet

k       Previous Tweet
Space          Page down
.         Load new Tweets
g h    Home
g n    Notifications
g r     Mentions
g p    Profile

g l      Likes
g i      Lists
g m   Messages
g s     Settings
g u    Go to user…
 My Keen readers at Applygist, i hope this post will be of Value to you. Dont hesitate to hit me on  my Whatsapp Group, and let me here your Experience Using applygist.com Enjoy Twitter Keyboard Shutcut Keys. 

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