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Good day guys, I don’t wanna waste time on this so I will go straight to the point.
Being a tech blogger is not about going straight into topics points but writing some extra things about the topic which you might see as rubbish, but that’s the main thing about blogging, it’s takes time and concentration to write those rubbish and it’s mostly meaningful.


You all know that am having a little problem posting this days, some of you might think that am the lazy type or just one unserious guy, or maybe I don’t have anything to post or am out of post, but here is the truth guys there are thousand of tech and money making post I wanna share with you guys, I just can’t be telling you about them without writing some thing about them ,which I said earlier that it needs extra concentration and time but I now have something else eating my time and concentration which is giving me a real hard time .
Why I Created A Official WhatsApp And Facebook Group
Most of my friends, loyal visitors and Co -bloggers has been wanting me to create this group for quite a long time now but I wasn’t motivated enough, but now that am having a little problem posting and I don’t wanna loose you guys cause you’re everything to me after God and my parent and I also really love blogging so the best and the fastest way to provide you all with the trick, answers , and solution you all need is through whatsapp and I might even be motivated enough to find time to post because I won’t want you guys on the group to get the fun alone, so it’s like killing three birds with a stone.
What We Do In Our Group
You all know this is a free browsing and tech blog so all we do in the group is the same we have been doing here and they include.
>We provide the best of affordable browsing plans which includes free browsing cheats and cheap subscriptions .
> We solve device issues like device problem, bug fixes, device Upgrade and so many more.
>We share the cheapest and most crazy devices among each other.
>And so many more you can ever think of about the tech world
>But We Are The Tech Explorers Cause we explore the world of technology and science.
What We Don’t Do
>No Spamming is Allowed, You will be kindly removed if we should find out you are a scam.
> Don’t post irrelevant forwarded messages to the group or other thing you do share with other groups. but you can fool us on April first but thank God April first don pass.
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