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Some cool SIM card tricks You Need to Know

I will be sharing with you all today, some cool and nice tricks that’s used on sims just to scare your friend’s off their wits.

Please don’t test this trick on my line and don’t use it against me cause you won’t like what I will do in return, thank God I don’t have a Contact pagepage, So my number is anonymous,
The first on my list is a cool trick to
restart your friend’s phone with a text message.
To do this follow the below procedure
==> Go to your phone message create a
new message with 79commas. Eg
(,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, until it reaches 79)
Then send it to your friend, once he open the message, his phone will automatically restart itself.
Some cool SIM card tricks
The second is to access and block the SIM with a text message, the SIM will be totally useless it works with all sims.
You can hack any simcard and make it useless, regardless to the network either
mtn, glo, airtel, etisalat, and vodafone.
The Special Thing is that the sim card will not be able to call and recieve message again and also the service will lost on it.
Go to the message panel of your phone, text a message in this format.
*41/5+the person number +ximac/15.4;#
After that, send the message to the
immediately the person opens the message in attempt to read it, unfortunately for him his line will blocked.
Kelvin Alexander
Some cool SIM card tricks
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