Know Who Is Calling You With Private Number

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Hiding of phone number is not a new trick to us, since it’s been existing for a long time now, the most annoying part is when someone is flashing you with an unknown number.

Some People May Hide Their Number For You So That You Will Not Know They Are The One Calling You.

I believe we all know how to hide our phone number but in case you’re new to the trick just dial #31#persons phone number. 
That’s all but just apply the below code to know who is calling you with private number.

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If You Want To Know The Person,Then Dial*#30# Whenever They Call You With Private Number.
After Ending The Call, You Will See The Person Name If The Caller Is Already On Your Phone Contact But If The Person Is Not On Your Phone Contact,
You Will Not See The Name just the number.
Why not give the person the shock of his/her life by calling him/her in return
Kelvin Alexander

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