An Update to the March 2016 Fast Proxy Server and Port for Fast Browsing Fastest Anonymous Proxy  Server

Hello Applygist Readers. Use these Magic Proxy Server and Port to see wonders on internet Speed, Fastest Anonymous Proxy  Server
All are tested and Are blazing like fire.
NOTE:  These proxy Server and Port have not been published specifically for any VPN eg Netloop, Psiphon, Syphon Shield, Simple Server or Tweak Ware.  These are general Server and Port which you can use for any of them
To use these Server and Ports, Simple Go to your Phone Settings>> More Options>> Choose the Network (Sim) >> Click on Access Point  Then Sellect the Sim which you want to use this Magic Server on Look for Proxy and Port  Enter the Bellow Proxy and Port
Finally Save Go back to your Browsing and start Blazing. If you using Any VPN App use the settings recommended for that very  80  App and connect. You will surely testify about Browsing speed.
Fastest Anonymous Proxy  Server
Pls also not that this is not specifically for Any network. All networks will be boosted using this Server and This does not mean This Server makes you Browse free… Implication simply means this Servers will Make those your VPN App faster so Enjoy…
There is no crime by trying to use them on Your VPN apps they may just work for you as Magic IP and Port too for free Browsing but this aspect may be by Serendipity  3128   3128   80  80 3128  8080

Fastest Anonymous Proxy  Server   80   80  3128   8000  808  8000   8000   82  55555   80     8000   86

Super Fast and Anonymous  8081 


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