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Latest Psiphon Handler V108 Settings For mtn Free Browsing Secrets Revealed

Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn

 Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn Free Browsing Secrets Revealed

 The Ultimate Guide To Latest Psiphon Handler 108 Settings For MTN Free Browsing


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Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn


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The Best Psiphon handler moder “Dzeb”  is at it again with the latest psiphon handler Ui. Despite the fact that they are several version of psiphon handler out there, This newly modded psiphon handler version seems to be the best for now.

The Psiphon handler v108 is modded without Ads, This will  makes your battery life last longer especially when the psiphon handler is been used. I also notice that this new version don’t disconnect like others. Well, the disconnecting issue most times are caused by network problem. Just make sure that you are cover with good network coverage.

Now, The new psiphon handler V108 have been tested with the current Free MTN unlimited browsing and i can assure you that, the connection makes sense. No disconnection experience and the speed is zoom (Especially at mid-night). Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn Free Browsing Secrets Revealed

The configuration is just like the rest of psiphon handler you have been using, very simple to configure and easy to use. So guys, Just grab your MTN simcard [Loaded with Airtime or N0.00k], Use the MTN default APN settings without OR proxy and port Use Port 8080 if you tried without Proxy it did not work
1. Download The New Psiphon Handler v108 HERE and Launch it
2. Input these settings

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Proxy type- REAL HOST
Proxy server-
Real proxy type-DEFAULT
Real proxy port-80
Click on save

4. Click on server region and select UNITED STATES or BEST PERFORMANCE

5. Click More Options and tick HTTP and input any of these in your

PORT– 8080

Now click on the start button and kindly wait for the Psiphon to connect.


OR Copy and paste this link on Browser


Hello Readers: After Trying the Above and it refuse to connect or was taking too long, This the Method i used to Force the Psiphon Handler  to work on my ITEL IT1403+ Android Version 4.4.2

Don’t Tick on Remove Port Leave IT
Proxy Type: Real Host
Custom Header:
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Default
Real Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Port: 80

  Click Save 

 Now On the OPTION MENU Stop the App from Running let finish settings first

Select Region: United Kingdom  you can always change this if it refuse to work. But this have been cooperating for me more that United State  
 Click on More Option just bellow the page
 Tap on Connect through an HTTP
Click on Use the following settings
Host Address:
Port: 8080
Use the back arrow to go back

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 Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn

CliCk on START

Observe for a while it will connect
If it did not Connect Do this simple trick first stop the app by clicking STOP the

Go to Phone settings >>>> Click More,>> Mobile Networks,>>> Sellect MTN SIM>>
Go to Access Point Name, >>> Select MTN,>> Chnge Proxy to>> Port 8080

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Now Go back to Psiphon App which u stooped earlier and Click on START 

Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn Free Browsing Secrets Revealed

Now it will surely Connect. You can always go back and Remove Port 8080 Above and Try Again then Go and Re-Add the Latest Psiphon Handler  V108 Settings For mtn

Note     The trick on removing Port 8080 then Save, Works for those Using Android Internet Tethering ( A method where u use your Hotspot as Your Modem) then Go and Add it if Network Begins to Misbehave again 

Or Use these Magic IP and Port >>> Fast ip addresses and Port to boost internet speed

One thing i discovered about Tweaking is you need Your Brain  When using Free Browsing Always try playing around your settings softly and Observe Changes because Devices differ and each may slightly react different but the issue is if you are smart its easy to just do it.

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