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Mtn free browsing cheats Settings For Netify Vpn And Simple Server

How to set up Netify for browsing free with MTN

First you need to Tweak this IME to get the MB if it works then you can continue if no then try >>> mtn 1GB cheat code 2016
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Tweak this below IME864981012842381Tweak the last 5 digits…

After successful tweaking, sms LYTE to 131 and 3GB will be given to you. Remember to use SMS bomber if you want to accumulate more Gigabytes. To check you MTN 2go data, dial *559*6#. Sometimes, you won’t receive message about the data. Just dial the code to check your data.

Once you have gotten, your 2go MegaBytes, go to your simple server and configure it like below:
You can download SMS bomber to get more data or even get more than 20GB if you are smart.
 After you Get the MB Now its time to use it on Netify or SAS
HOW TO USE THE ABOVE MTN BLAST DATA WITH NETIFYOpen your Netify vpn app and configure as follows
Tick remove port
Proxy type – real host
Proxy server –
Url: http://login.blaast.com or http://www.blaast.com /home.php
Real Proxy server –
Real Proxy type – inject
Host address
Port 8080
tap on save
Accept tunnel whole device
Now on the Netify menu, tap the Ninja icon at the top left corner if the app and it will take you to more option menu
Tick enable sound notification if you want it anytime the app connects or disconnects.
Tick connect through an HTTP
Tick use the following settings
Host address:
Port: 8080
Go back to app menu and click on connect. NB: If you are currently using Psiphon or Netify on your phone, before trying a new cheat which uses VPN app, I advice you to reboot your phone to totally clear the cache and virtual settings already stored. If not, it may cause the new tweak not to work on your phone.


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Create new apn on your phone with=>
Name: MTN Blaast or any name
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080
Then save and set as Default apn...
Open your simple server and set it like this>>>
Listen Port: 8080
Proxy host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Tick enable proxy…
Injection method: Get
Injection Query/Url: http://login.blaast.com or http://www.blaast.com /home.php
Injection host: login.blaast.com or blaast.com
Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
Tick enable injection.
Log Level: Debug.
Save and connect.

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