how to fix bis free browsing disconnecting

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Your BbLited misbehaving? It’s not the fault of z anybody because it’s everybody’s fault.

I’ll tell you why it keeps disconnecting making your browsing show and sometimes painful then, I’ll tell you how you can solve the problem by editing your configuration. free browsing

This is because everybody is depending on one server (

How to Steady BbLited Connection by changing APN

Please some people should use any of the below APNs

free browsing

Thieves Using SS7 Flaw to Steal Money From Bank Accounts

Now, Germany’s O2 Telefonica has confirmed that the same SS7 weaknesses have recently been exploited by cybercriminals to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) banks used to prevent unauthorized withdrawals from users bank accounts.

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“Criminals carried out an attack from a network of a foreign mobile network operator in the middle of January,” an O2 Telefonica representative told Süddeutsche Zeitung. “The attack redirected incoming SMS messages for selected German customers to the attackers.”

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In short, cyber criminals exploited SS7 flaws to intercept two-factor authentication codes (one-time passcode, or OTP) sent to online banking customers and drained their bank accounts.

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