These Server and Port are blazing like fire


The Server and Port am About to publish nellow will trill your free browsing experience this season. What this smply mean is that, those complaining off there free browsing Disconnecting, kindly use thse server or port and see difference in browsing.
This is also good for those who who use There Android phones  to connect on PC  i mean Internet Tethering.  I am part of those using my Android to connect on PC this have worrked faster even more faster than those using Modem. The advantage i have using Android hotspot Tethering  is that i can change my Phone Proxy Server and Port  at any time the networks goes crazy.Also read this Article bellow how to force free browsing using the trick of changing Server and Port on your device
Just follow this carefully depending on the Phone u use, This works for those using VPN and NON VPC Users the key is that it helps you Browse Faster and Reduce VPN Disconnection for free Browsers. 

For Android users E.G.

1. Go to Settings Gear of your Phone
2. Go to More
3. Or look for Mobile Networks
4. Select the Network you want to change the Proxy Server and Port
In my case when i click on Mobile Networks, since I am using a dual Sim, it shows  
  • MTN NG 01 
  • Etisalat NG 02

5. Now Select the sim you want to use in my case i Choose MTN NG 01 MTN for me is still the Best when it comes to Free Browsing 
6. After sselecting the Network, it will Show list of Menu Sellect on Access Point
7. Select the firstt Option which Carries the internet connection. Often it show two options, the second Option is for MMS Just Ignor the MMS  Part and choose the one for the Internet.
8. Finally look for Proxy and Port Option and change it to any of the Bellow Magic Proxy and Port


115.31.183  9480 8888 80  8000  8080  3128
Port 8080

Etislat Simple Android 

Fast And Latest Etisalat Smart Pack Ip And Port  ( You can use the bellow as Your Proxy and Port too) 80 :8080 8080 8080 3128


Also Read  40 Free 100% Anonymous Proxy list - hiding my ip address


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