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Download Open VPN PC 32 bits 64 bits and settings file

How to use Open VPN on PC

You may be one of the people confused on how Open VPN PC works, But today i am here to make things Clear for you.

Free browsing has been rocking the Internet a couple of days now with MTN. Even After MTN blocked Music Plus, guys have been configuring many Many ways to bounce back to the Free browsing world. Though top Bloggers like Me due to Time schedule go on the Monthly BBLITED so that we dont have any escuse not to feed you with massive cheats even on the sunny day. But i have always found this domain of browsing cheats my home.
So lets go straight  to the point.
For you to use Open VPN 32 or 64 Bits you need to Download the app fre here


Now that you have Downloaded this Apps to Your PC, Unzip and Import these settings


Once you are don Downloading the two files ie Opn VPN 32 or 36bits, Now its High time we Lunch our Open VPN first then Import the settings folder.

Please note that when your file save on PC its important you know the location it was saved so that you can just easily import the settings. In my own case, when the file is done Downloading, i cut them to Desktop so that i can easily see them.

Good Luck as we Anticipate to hear your Remark on the Comment Box


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