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How to get Etisalat 1.8gb Free browsing 2016

Applygist Readers Hope you are flexing with Etisalat Magic IP’s and Chatpack/Social me?

How to get Etisalat 1.8gb

Here is another way to get more MB from Etisalat Every Month free
his is an old tweak, but still active. It involves Imei Tweaking and
when you succeed, you will be given 150MB every month over a period of
12 months with no data purchase and summing this gives will be
1.8GBof data for the Whole Year year. Tweak your Android Device IMEI
for 150MB with etisalat Sim using IMEI below.

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THE IMEI:86119500431****ADD Any 4 of the last digits and analyze them using IME Analyzer  the remaining four (4) digit number
and after succeeded in Imei tweaking Text T635. to. 8186.Once you
succeeded, you will be given Etisalat 150MB automatically every Month
for 12months

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