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Download OG Whatsapp (Fixed) Add Multi Numbers at the same Time



Download OG Whatsapp

What is OGWhatsApp

this is a Whatsapp Tool you can use to enjoy Multiple numbers in one app in the same phone . Download OG Whatsapp If you have multiple numbers and dont want to run 2 whatsapp on you phone all you need to do is download this app and you add the numbers and you move along with everybody.

What is OGWhatsApp??
OGWhatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp messenger for Android devices.
It is used to use 2 whatsapp account in one single android device i.e. dual whatsapp account for whatsapp dual sim
OGWhatsapp doesn’t require to ROOT your android device. [NO NEED OF ROOT] Though this OGWhatsApp Anti-Update version is based on WhatsApp 2.12.71 it UI has Android 5.0 lollipop like material design. So download the OGWhatsApp Anti-update or Anti-ban version and enjoy having dual WhatsApp on a single Android phone.

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How To Install

Step 1:
Back Up your Messages First  (if you want to save them) and then delete all of the user information for the app (or you can just reinstall the app)
Step 2:
Rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can do this using any file manager for Android, though it is easier to do this from Windows.
Step 3Download OG Whatsapp
 Now verify your old number in the OG version of WhatsApp, and then verify your new number in the normal version of WhatsApp.
Step 4:
Enjoy Your Product Unlimited

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download on stores or drop a comment with emails we mail u on admin@applygist.com

Download OG Whatsapp

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