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New Year Prayers 2024


The new year is here, and we are glad for all God has done. It’s a year of blessings, and we trust God for the beautiful things He has prepared for His children through Christ Jesus. We will always be grateful to the Lord for granting us the grace to see the new year 2024 because it is not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of the LORD.


Now, it is necessary to place good emphasis on prayers, even as we step into the new year 2024. One of the core things you should ensure you don’t ignore this year is prayers because prayers are always pivotal. Don’t join the company that makes attempts to talk down on prayers directly or indirectly. Give great priority to prayers all through the year, and you will definitely flourish in Jesus Name.


New Year Prayers 2024


What are the types of prayer you should pray for this year 2024?


1. Prayer of Thanksgiving


When it comes to New Year prayers 2024, make sure you give great priority to prayers of thanksgiving. You should always reflect on what God has done for you all through the years. Remember His goodness towards you that you don’t even deserve. Remember how He has been protecting you and keeping you secured in all ways. There are even times you might have been close to danger, but He will still save you without you knowing. Remember how He has been providing for you even in a bad economy, and He has been helping you in all ways. Hence, while you have a lot of things you are trusting the Lord for, it is important to keep thanking God for all He has done for you. Indeed, God has been good to you.


Also, always remember that good is doing a lot for you currently, but known and unknown. And you should know that He is writing a beautiful story of your life as things stand now. Hence, you should always thank the Lord for all He is doing for you. Remember His goodness even over your family and loved ones. As you keep looking around, you will see the goodness of God in no small measure. Your new year prayers 2024 should be filled with thanksgiving.


2. Prayer of Mercy


Your new year prayers should also be geared towards prayers of mercy. You should be a person who interacts with the mercies of God. Always remember that you are an imperfect person, and you need the mercies of God in no small measure. Always lean on the mercies of God to become all He has destined you to be. You have nothing in yourself to boast of, but we must all rely on God’s mercies.


Remember that God wants you to become all He has destined you to be. You must also partner with Him to make this a reality, and one of the things you must have a penchant for is to keep pleading for His mercies. Keep asking the Lord to show you mercy in all your ways, and you will be helped. Always remember that He is the only One who can help a person to become all you should be.


3. Prayer of Intercession


God wants us to be selfless, and this should be taken into prayer too. In all your prayers and praying enterprises, you should always intercede for others too. We know that you have a whole lot of things you want to pray about and ask God to do for you. However, you should usually look beyond yourself and make sure you are always praying for others too. Make sure you pray for everyone God brings for you to intercede for. In 2024, always pray for those you know are in need of prayers.


Always intercede for your family and loved ones too. You should not be insensitive to the needs of others around you, but you should see to it that you are always praying for those you know need God’s help. Even if there is nothing you think you can do to better their lots, you should still make sure that you help in the place of prayers. One of the best things you can do for a person is to pray for them.


It is easy for such prayers to ascend to heaven. As you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your prayers will ascend to heaven as it is not mixed with selfishness. Remember, one of the reasons why the prayers of many people are not getting to the right quarters in the realm of the Spirit, is because of the selfishness therein.


4. Prayer for help to do God’s Will

I know you want to tell God about your needs and all. However, you must give priority to praying the heart of God. God wants you to live your life pleasing Him by doing His Will every day. As you are living your life pleasing God every day, you are pleasing Him.


Now, remember that God wants you to give yourself to pleasing Him so you will become all He has in mind. Hence, you should always ask Him for help to do His Will. This is one of the best things you should ask the Lord for. So, for instance, you will discover that God wants you to love Him and others, as seen in the scriptures. Hence, as you are praying to God to help you do His Will, you can also be looking toward the direction of asking Him to help you love Him more, as well as love others.

5. Prayer for blessings

God has blessed you in Christ Jesus. You can also make it a habit to contend for His blessings, as you go from one level of glory to another. Ask God to crown 2024 with His blessings for you, and you will keep enjoying the Lord in no small measure. God loves to bless His children too in Christ Jesus.


In Conclusion

New Year Prayers 2024 are numerous, but in all you do, make sure you are always praying to God without ceasing.



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