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Apple’s WWDC Launches in June 2024

Even though WWDC is for developers, we usually get to find out some of the cool stuff Apple is working on at the special event.

Apple announced that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place between June 10 and June 14 this year. The entire conference will be available online to developers with Apple’s program, and there’ll be a special event at Apple Park on Monday, June 10.

WWDC is ostensibly for Apple to connect with its numerous developers over new hardware and software like iOS, macOS, and iPadOS, not to mention watchOS and tvOS (and now visionOS), but we typically get a glimpse behind the curtain into what Apple is getting ready for consumers. Watching the special event online is a fun way to get a sense of what’s coming down the pipeline from Cupertino.

“We’re so excited to connect with developers from around the world for an extraordinary week of technology and community at WWDC24,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, in a press release. “WWDC is all about sharing new ideas and providing our amazing developers with innovative tools and resources to help them make something even more wonderful.”

More details are on the way, said Apple, but the plan is to offer developers and students access to Apple experts and the in-person keynote on the 10th. Students who took part in the Swift Student Challenge, an Apple-run initiative that sees students competing to develop innovative apps via the Swift coding language, will find out if they won the chance to apply for a spot to see the keynote or even for the whole 3-day experience.

Interested in attending or watching? Check out the Apple Developer app and the Apple Developer Website.

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