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How To Screenshot on a Surface Laptop 2024

Pressing the PrtScn button is the easiest method, but you can also capture screenshots with Snipping Tool and third-party apps

What to Know

  • Press the PrtScn button copy a screenshot to the clipboard. It can be pasted anywhere that accepts images.
  • Alternatively, search for Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch to capture just a part of the screen.
  • Other screenshot tools exist that offer additional features. ShareX is one example.

This article explains how to take a screenshot on a Surface Laptop.

Make a Screenshot With the Print Screen Button
The Print Screen button on your keyboard is the quickest way to take screenshots, but it’s not as flexible as other options.

  • Press the PrtScn key to take a screenshot on any Surface Laptop immediately. The image is copied to the Windows clipboard, where you can then paste it (Ctrl+V) into an image editing app, an email, or anything else that lets you paste images.

 Screenshotting With OneDrive
Another way to use screenshots taken with the Print Screen button is to have them saved to OneDrive. If you have a OneDrive account connected to your laptop, here’s how to set up screenshot integration:

  • Right-click on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar and select Settings.
  • Select the Sync and backup tab.
  • Press the toggle next to Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive to turn it on.
  • The ‘Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive’ toggle highlighted in OneDrive for Windows 11.

New screenshots will now be saved here:

Take Screenshots on a Surface Laptop With Windows Tools
Windows 11 and Windows 10 include another built-in screenshotting mechanism that’s far more advanced than the Print Screen button. Use this method if you want to screenshot on a specific part of the screen, if you need to take a delayed screenshot, or if you want to save the screenshot to a file automatically (no pasting necessary).

Depending on your version of Windows, this is either Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. Those links are helpful guides on how to use these tools, but here’s the gist:

  • Search Windows for Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. You can also trigger the app by pressing Win+Shift+S.
  • Select the camera button (not the record button).
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the kind of screen capture you want to make. Options include Rectangle, Window, Full screen, and Freeform.
  • The camera button (on the left) and Window highlighted in the Windows 11 Snipping Tool.
  • Select New. Take the screenshot by clicking once on the screen or on an open app (for a window or full-screen capture) or drawing a shape over the area.
  • A pop-up will appear to indicate that the screenshot has been made. If the pop-up doesn’t open on its own, select it for additional options. You can draw on the screenshot, print it off, open it in Paint, save it, or share it.
  • A screenshot of the Calculator app in Snipping Tool for Windows 11

All screenshots taken with this tool are also saved here:


Screenshot on a Surface Laptop With the Touchscreen
The Surface Laptop’s keyboard isn’t detachable and should always be available. Still, you may not want to use the keyboard. Here’s how to open the built-in screenshot tool with the touchscreen on Windows 10:

  • Tap the Notification Center icon in the far right-hand corner of the taskbar.
  • Select Expand, which is found just above the row of large, rectangular tile buttons in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Tap Screen snip.

Windows 10 Notification center with the Screen snip tile highlighted
Tap one of the screen capturing options, then take the screenshot by tapping on the screen once or by dragging your finger/stylus across the screen if you chose one of those screenshot methods.

A notification will appear once you take the screenshot. Click it to open the image.

Install a Third-Party Screenshot App
You’ll likely find Windows’ built-in screenshot tools to be sufficient for pretty much any screen capturing task, even if you want to record the screen to a video file. However, there are other apps, like ShareX, that might have features you’d prefer over what’s available in Windows.
How do I take a screenshot on the Surface Pro?
You can use the Print Screen and Snip & Sketch steps outlined above to take a screenshot on a Surface Pro. Surface Pro models also come with a handy button shortcut. In newer models, it’s a combination of the Volume and Power buttons.

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