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Galaxy Tab S8 Series Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Tab S8 Series Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G

How To Print on a Samsung Tablet

If your printer needs a plugin, you’ll find it on the Play Store. To find your printer from your tablet, tap the Share or Settings button in the app

What to Know
You can use your Samsung tablet to print to a wired or wireless printer.
You might need a plugin first. Search Settings for Printing, then select Download plugin to find your brand.
When you have the app open you want to print from, look in a settings or share menu for Print.
This article covers how to print from your Samsung tablet, including how to connect your tablet to the printer.

How Do You Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Printer?
Like any desktop or laptop computer, it’s possible to print documents, images, and other content directly from your tablet. But first, you’ll need to set up the appropriate plugin. Here’s how:

  • From the home screen, swipe down and tap the settings icon.
  • Navigate to Connections > More connection settings, and tap Printing.
  • Choose Download plugin.
  • Some printers work right away without needing a plugin. Tap Default Print Service to toggle that service on and to see if your printer is listed.
  • The Google Play store lists available printer plugins. Choose the one that matches your printer brand, such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, etc. In this example, we’ll use the HP plugin.
  • Your brand of printer should be clearly visible on your printer. If not, you’ll need to dig up its manual, which should have come in the printer box when you purchased it.
  •  Tap Install to add the plugin to your tablet.
  • Wait for it to finish, and then tap the back button until you see the Printing menu again.
  • You should now see the new printer plugin you installed; make sure it’s toggled on.

How to Print from a Samsung Tablet
Printing from a tablet is easy once the plugin is installed. With the app or browser open to the content you want to print, follow these steps:

  • Select the button that includes the print option. This is different between apps and devices, but it’s probably called Share or is hidden behind a three-dot menu.
  •  You may also a print option in the settings menu or hidden within another sub-menu. In Google Docs, for example, Print is nested within the Share & export option in the settings menu.
  • The system will prepare the content by creating a printable version, which usually takes a few seconds. Then, you’ll see some print options you can tweak if you want to.
  •  Tap All printers and then choose a printer. Here, you have the option to “print” to PDF (select Save as PDF) or select a physical printer from the list of available devices.
  • Select the print icon to send the job to your designated printer.

How do I print from a Samsung phone?
To print from your Samsung phone, choose an app from the Google Play Store that supports printing and open the content you want to print. In most apps, tap the More icon (three dots) > Print > select your printer > tap the Print icon. Some apps will have their own print menus, while others will require you to select Share > Print.

How do I print from an LG tablet?
With an LG tablet, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to print. Navigate to Settings > Share and Connect > Connections > Printing. Under Print Services, tap your preferred printing option or add a printer. Toggle on the print service you want, select the available printer, and follow the app’s printing process.

How do I print from an Amazon Fire tablet?
To print from an Amazon Fire tablet like the Amazon Fire HD, first, make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi, then open the content you want to print. Next, go to the app or web page’s menu > Print > tap your printer and configure print options > Print.

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