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How do You Find a Casino Game that’s Right for You?

How do You Find a Casino Game that’s Right for You?

Every casino has some games that have a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage, while other games have low RTP. The games with low RTP do not play often, but when they pay, they pay a huge sum of money. If you are trying to cover a wagering requirement, it would be smart to start playing with low RTP games.

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On sites like bet way, you will find many slots with great RPT returns, but not all casino sites are the same. If you play the right slot games, you can win bigger – and sometimes with lesser risk.

This will allow you to significantly increase your bankroll, which will ensure you against possible future losses. Once you have increased your bankroll, you can move on to high RTP games. These games pay low amounts of money but at higher frequencies.

Know the bonus

All bonuses are not equal when it comes to requirements. Some have low wagering requirements, while some have atrocious wagering requirements. Usually, high wagering requirements apply to a casino bonus offer that is lucrative. A low wagering requirement mostly accompanies an average bonus amount.

What bonus amount will have what wagering requirements is entirely under the jurisdiction of the casino authorities. Different online casinos have different requirements for their bonuses. We are repeating this; make sure to go through the casino’s terms and conditions before you avail of any bonuses. The wagering requirements are written in fine print below every bonus that the casino offers.

Opt for bonuses that have the lowest wagering requirements.

No wager casinos

The surest way to beat wagering requirements is to wager at a no wagering requirements casino. In these online casinos, a casino bonus offer is not attached with wagering requirements. You withdraw every cent of your winnings, and nothing goes towards covering any requirements.

However, the casino bonuses in such casinos are not that lucrative. They are usually a few free spins or a few credits, and the bonus amount in real money is also not that considerable. But if you are skilled and luck is on your side, then that is all you need to win the jackpot.

Some no-wager casinos will ask players for a min deposit amount to be eligible for withdrawing their winnings. Still, they won’t ask the players to wager their deposits a said number of times before they can withdraw their winnings.

Make sure you are aware of these terms before playing in a no-wager casino. And lastly, know if the casino site has a playthrough requirement. Wait, what is it, you ask?

What is a playthrough requirement?

A playthrough requirement is another name for the wagering requirement. Suppose you get a deposit bonus of $50 for depositing $200. Your playthrough requirement is 5x. So, the amount you have to wager before you can withdraw any of your winnings can be calculated by this formula:

Deposit + bonus x playthrough requirement = wager amount

That’s all that you need to know before your next online casino adventure!


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