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MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE to Use Same Service Codes

In March this year, the Nigerian Communications Commission ordered telecommunications operators in Nigeria to start implementing integrated shortcuts for all mobile services. This means that all mobile internet users will use the same code for the same service.

The implementation of these short cuts will begin on May 17, when all the old codes used to recharge, sign up for data, and check the balance will stop working, and something else.

MTN, 9mobile, Glo And Airtel
MTN, 9mobile, Glo And Airtel

Until now, each mobile operator had his own code for checking balances, reloading, crediting, etc.

However, the combination of shorts is about creating the most common shorts used by customers who wear them on all websites. For example, the code for reloading a line is the same on all mobile networks.

Here are the new codes approved by the NCC

300 is the code for Call Center/Help Desk on all mobile networks
301 for voice mail
302 to retrieve voicemail
303 for loan services
305 for STOP Service;
310 for the Balance Sheet

3111 is for credit card.
312 for Data Plan
321 for Shared Services.
323 for Data Plan Balance
996 is now available for verification of NIN-SIM registration or NIN-SIM link.
2442 is reserved for Do-Not-Disturb (DND) unsolicited call management.
3232 is reserved for porting services, otherwise known as phone number portability.
The old and new shortcodes are working together until now and will continue until May 17, 2023, when all websites are expected to move to full implementation of the new codes. The NCC said that the period between March and May 17 has been given for the common use of codes so that mobile customers can familiarize themselves with the new codes for different services.

The plan, in line with the NCC’s reform plan, is important to make life easier for mobile customers, as it is easier for Nigerians to memorize the same codes for different services. on all the mobile networks they use, then improve. customer quality of information (QoE).

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