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How To Earn Money By Writing Stories Online (2023)


Some nice writers are discouraged whenever they struggle to do something meaningful with their skills. Perhaps, you reading this is an exceptional writer, but you’ve been wondering how best to earn money by writing stories online. You don’t have to worry, since this article will make an attempt to do justice to that.

There are different types of stories, and it is necessary to add that different forms of fiction can be sold in a range of different publications. Exceptional writers can push to enjoy the various opportunities available to them, as far as making money selling their stuff is concerned.

At this point, we should discuss the fact that there are different channels available that can be exploited. For instance, considering that magazines, blogs, and newspapers can’t but keep publishing every day, then they are usually on the lookout for great writers for content.

Online magazines and news sites are always eager to entertain their readers to stand out from the crowd. Hence, as a story writer who wants to earn money online, you should always have it at the back of your mind that this is where most of the opportunities are found.

There are both small niche publishers and large publications accepting submissions year-round.

On the other hand, you can also do a lot by taking advantage of Kindle books via the Amazon platform. You should always remember the fact that Amazon is a big place when it comes to folks buying stories to read online, due to its massive popularity. Hence, when you take advantage of Amazon by selling ebooks, things get easier, as you even have greater control over the publishing process.

Also, you can utilize podcasts and radio shows, as there are platforms that focus a lot on telling stories. In such cases, your story won’t only exist as text, but it will also be available in voice form.




Here is a sophisticated platform that is reputable as one of the best of its kind on the Internet that matches short story buyers with sellers. However, it must be noted that this is not a free tool, you have to pay about $5 per month.

One other nice thing about the platform which should be talked about is that it is not simply a place to find and apply for writing opportunities, but also acts as a writing management platform.


This platform has a strong job board that writers searching for opportunities can take advantage of to publish their short stories. Interestingly, you will also see many short story contests here, even as you take advantage of its other exciting features – including longer-term assignments and writing residencies. If you really want to get your short stories published, you may want to give good attention to this platform


If you focus a lot on writing short stories, then this platform, The Grinder, will prove very helpful to you. As you will get to see if you decide to get on board, the tools here will help you to track submissions and find markets for your work.


Readers Digest is a big platform, and we don’t have to give a thorough introduction to the platform. If you write short stories, you should look in this direction if you want to get your stuff published online and get paid for it.

If you have written very short stories (less than 100 words), you may want to get published in Reader’s Digest. Aside from financial compensation, it is also a great platform to build your portfolio in the literary world.

5. One Story

This non-profit literary magazine is also famous and is known to be in the business of publishing short fiction stories. So, if you are very skilled in this category and aspect, you should give the platform a try.

It should also be added that they have a companion magazine that is known as One Teen Story. This one is dedicated to teens, and you can submit your stuff if you are one.

Now, if your story should be accepted by One Story, you will earn up to $500. It should also be added that your story is expected to be between 3,000 and 8,000 words.

6. BBC

This media giant has a program that is known as Short Story. It is structured to accept submissions, and you can give it a try. In the same vein, they have an annual short story contest, and if you should emerge top, you can go home with over $20,000. Also, imagine that you are featured on BBC radio and podcasts. Those are nice too.

7. Vestal Review

If you are looking for solid online magazine publishing flash fiction whom you can send your writings, then you should want to consider Vestal Review. While the platform had a wide fan base from different parts of the world, it is also reasonable to include the fact that numerous famous short story authors have contributed to its success.

It should be added that as far as Vestal Review is concerned, each issue is free for anyone to read. The website itself is supported by donations. If you want to submit your stuff to them, then you should take the time to read their submission guidelines. One of the things you will see is that they don’t tolerate X-rated stuff.

In Conclusion

If you have been looking for how to earn money by writing stories online, then you should give attention to these methods and channels.

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