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Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?
Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?

Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?

Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?

When do you think about Asus Laptops what first comes to mind? Ultra Slim? Color? Speed ? or what. ASUS OLED Laptops pride themselves on the good color that enables users to enjoy a Bright World. Color Ultimate Professional-Grade Colors ASUS OLED laptops deliver exceptionally detailed and realistic visuals, with a cinema-grade 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. The colors reproduced on the display are richer and more vivid. It’s not only ideal for color-intensive projects, but also enhances any kind of content.

Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?
Why is the ASUS OLED Zenbook better?

Perceptual Brightness

Another good quality of Asus details in any Brightness Level ASUS OLED laptops can maintain good color reproduction at any brightness level, so you can freely adjust the screen’s brightness to suit your working environment, while still enjoying exceptionally vivid colors.

Contrast True Black:

With Olet laptops, you can see the unseen ASUS OLED laptops reproduce blacks perfectly. When displaying black on an OLED display, the pixel is simply turned off to produce the darkest possible black. This enables extremely crisp and clear images even in the darkest scenes.

Response Time

Seamless Motion Speed ASUS OLED displays have a 0.2 ms response time – the fastest of any laptop. This ensures smoother fast-paced action scenes, low-latency gameplay, and subtle details like blur-free text scrolling.

Eye Care Less Eye Fatigue

Blue light is known to cause visual discomfort and disrupt sleep quality. However, thanks to OLED display’s special organic lighting materials, ASUS OLED laptops emit 70% less harmful blue light, and they’re also certified by TÜV Rheinland and SGS.

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Asus also have several Oled series of recent is the Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED lets you get things done in style: calmly, efficiently, and with zero fuss. It’s your powerful and elegant next-level companion for on-the-go productivity and creativity. AMAZING 4K OLED HDR TOUCHSCREEN. Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED gives you a superbly immersive viewing experience, with a brilliant 4K OLED HDR NanoEdge display that delivers ultra-vivid colors and deep blacks. Its cinema-grade 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and Delta-E < 2 color accuracy make it a superb all-rounder for professional creation, and it’s also PANTONE® Validated for professional-grade color accuracy and TÜV Rheinland-certified for eye care.


ASUS ScreenPad Plus gives you on-the-go computing like you’ve never experienced before. It’s a full-width 4K secondary touchscreen that works seamlessly with the main 14″ FHD touchscreen, giving you endless ways to optimize and personalize your workflow. Drag an app or window onto the App Switcher icon to launch the app on ScreenPad Plus for multi-window experience. Use Window Flick to move apps between the two screens by flicking the top of an app to send it instantly to the other screen. Maximize your viewing experience by dragging an app onto the ViewMax to extend your screen to secondary display. Drag apps or Windows on ScreenPad.

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