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Earning Free Cryptocurrency By Expressing Yourself

You should be aware by now that cryptocurrency is one of the big things we have around today. Of course, cryptocurrency has been around for some years before now, but the amazing thing is that it keeps growing in leaps and bounds. More and more people are embracing its offerings, and maximizing the potentials of this digital phenomenon for different good things.
One prominent cryptocurrency we can’t but make mention is bitcoin. When it came as a novel idea many years ago, a lot of people didn’t pay much attention to it (which is kinda normal). However, there were certain people who believed in its potentials and they invested in it. Today, such have been made rich in different measures, as the value of BTC has grown vehemently.
Today, cryptocurrency keeps making people rich. In fact, some people have made a career out of trading and investing in cryptocurrency, and they are doing well financially. It is getting lots of attention, and many are concerned with how they can earn more cryptocurrency.
There are different stuff out there as touching how to earn free cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, you should know that there is no free money anywhere. Hence, many of those initiatives you come across out there are simply not worth it. While some are outright scam. Some have been designed in such a way that you won’t be able to earn anything reasonable for a very long time.
To earn reasonable amount of cryptocurrency, you have to put attention to certain important things. First, what type of cryptocurrency are we talking about here. What is the project like. What is behind the project? Who are those behind the project? What is the project expected to solve or contribute?
When you are able to recognize the validity of the project, you can now give it attention – hence you end up wasting your time unnecessarily. Some projects are worthless so to say, and you can expect that the crypto they propagate won’t fly at all. Hence, if you want to avoid time wasting projects, do your due diligence properly.
Additionally, it is necessary to add that a reasonable earn cryptocurrency project will require you to add value before you can earn. That is, you are rewarded for adding value. As stated earlier, there is no completely free stuff anywhere. If you will get something free, it has to be from somewhere. Value has to be exchanged. So, if you are asked to do absolutely nothing, to earn lots of free cryptocurrency, then you should start suspecting something.
Introducing Hive
Having said all those things above, let’s see a project and platform where you can really earn free cryptocurrency that is of good value.
I told you about the need to pay attention to the details of the project and what it is offering. The Hive project is a nice one actually that has been around for some time now and is contributing reasonably well in the blockchain space. So, it is also sustainable and there are some smart guys behind the project.
It is also important to add that there are now different platforms and applications being built by different developers on the Hive project. It means, one can engage these different platforms as you contribute value, and the reward is that you will be given Hive (Hive dollars, Hive, etc).
You can get started on the main Hive blog (hive.blog).
All you need do is to simply create an account as you sign up. Then you start making reasonable posts, publishing articles and curating posts, and you will end up making Hive, which can be converted to bitcoin, and then fiat.
What are the types of posts you can post on Hive website?
1. You can post about cryptocurrency. The project is majorly about blockchain. You can easily stand out on the platform if you can contribute well on things that has to do with blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can talk about bitcoin, eth, as well as other sorts of cryptocurrencies out there. It can be a general overview of these things. It can be about how to earn more cryptocurrency. It can be about smart ways to invest these digital coins, etc
The point is, the more attention you get on the platform, the more you grow your followers. This could mean getting to earn more Hive in reward. So it is pretty nice.
2. You can post about brainy stuff. I should make mention of the fact that on the platform, there are different sections. Some of these sections allow you to discuss things that are not fully about cryptocurrency. There are some that are constructed around food. So, you can post things that has to do with food. You know, how to make food, types of food, and so on.
You can even post about travel. If you are the one travelling to new places and exploring beautiful places, you can travel there and snap some shots, and then post them on the platform. It can go really viral and you will be rewarded with much Hive. Even if it’s not about travel, there is a place for photography lovers. Simply go ahead and take pictures that are about nice things and post them on the community.
Additionally, you can post about finances. You can post about things that has to do with business. You can write business content and post them on the platform. You can write about entrepreneurship. You can write about how to start a business or how to scale one. You can write about your own experiences or things like that. In all, you can write good stuff, and be rewarded for doing that.
Finally, even if you are not a good writer, you can always curate posts submitted by others, by simply up voting them, and you will also be rewarded when a post you up voted should go viral. This is a viable way to earn more and more cryptocurrency. Keep them as investment for the future.

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