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Blog For AdSense Or Blog For Cryptocurrency?

Blog For AdSense Or Blog For Cryptocurrency?
This is something I have been waiting to write about for some time now. Many folks out there have embraced blogging for different reasons. While some started by doing this for the fun of it (just to make their voices heard), some started outright blogging for money. Money was the reason they decided to blog, and all they do were influenced by the prospect of making more money via blogging.
It should even be added that many others who started blogging as a passion thing are now in a level where they now place attention on revenue. Some of them, having been able to grow their blogging into something big, were able to quit their jobs so as to focus on what they enjoy doing. This means that they have to keep looking for ways to increase their revenue in their blogging career.
Blogging For AdSense
When the concept of blogging newly came up some years back, one of the major factors that made it widespread was the AdSense factor. Perhaps, AdSense is one of the greatest innovation brought about by Google. It not only help the company in terms of generating constant revenue, but it has also enabled numerous people from different places in the world to earn money partnering with Google. Win for everyone – for Google, for advertisers, and even publishers.
Of course, there are other ways people who blog makes money. For instance, sponsored posts. However, this isn’t always easy to come back, and advertisers will prefer going to well established platforms where they can be sure of greater visibility for their products. One can also make money from a blog as one sells products and services, or even as an affiliate marketer. However, AdSense is on another level. All that is needed is to create a blog and apply for AdSense, and after being accepted, your blog is already showing the ads. This way, many were able to make a lot of money.
However, things keeps changing. As expected, there will always be progress – which is good for all. First, it is necessary to note that the competition is getting bigger and bigger. There are numerous bloggers out there already, and you wonder which niche is not even taken. It’s not too easy right now to start a new blog as a new blogger and expect to start making money with AdSense straight away. Let’s say you even know what you are doing, you will still have to wait for many months before your blog can get to that stage of earning well.
So, there are many people who failed in their projects. They are talented bloggers. But since the blog failed to fly, they have to abandon it. Since they need revenue to take care of themselves and what they do, they have to face other things.
Now, there are other nice alternatives today, such as cryptocurrency blogging. Let’s talk.
Cryptocurrency Blogging
Let’s start by reminding ourselves something. There have been different companies trying to compete with AdSense. Some of them are concerned with cryptocurrency. They only show cryptocurrency ads on your blog and they pay you in cryptocurrency. But this is not what we are concerned with here.
Here, we are talking about certain innovative platforms that have a system and structure in place, where folks can be rewarded with cryptocurrency for blogging about what they enjoy. Such platforms are usually like a community where people are available for different things. Some write things. Others read them and engage by upvoting them, or do both.
Some of these prominent platforms includes:
– Steemit: This seems to be a model for others coming later. Steemit came up to change the game, and as many as embraced the project as quickly as possible and invested sufficiently in it, ended up making a lot of money.
Perhaps you are just coming across this platform. It’s actually one where you can register and start posting anything reasonable. If readers loves your articles, they will engage it, and you will be paid in steem. Unlike the likes of AdSense blogging where you will be paid in fiat, you earn here in cryptocurrency. It’s now left to you to convert the crypto to fiat.
Now, one of the core differences here is that you can end up leaving your cryptocurrencies the way you earn it, and it can increase in value overtime. In fact, your cryptocurrency can grow in value so fast too (and it can also decrease, because cryptocurrency can be that way). Nevertheless, steem has been growing in value since it was brought into the scene many years ago. It has to do with value. Once more and more people keep embracing the project and jumping on the platform (and willing to invest their resources in the project), it will keep increasing in value.
– Hive.io: Another recommendable platform for cryptocurrency blogging, like Steemit, is Hive. Bloggers can get to earn Hive on the platform. One of the reasons this is still very recommendable is because it is newer than Steemit, and still has lots of potentials.
In Conclusion
So, which should you opt for today as a blogger: AdSense blogging or Cryptocurrency blogging? The answer is, it depends on you. Nevertheless, if you are just starting entirely, you should realize that the market is very saturated already, and you might want to take advantage of already established platforms to get attention, and start earning immediately. So, if you are just starting out with AdSense blogging today, you will have to wait for months before you can start earning something nice. You will have to wait for your blog to grow and to be allowed into the AdSense network too. But on the other hand, with cryptocurrency blogging, you can easily come up today, join any of those platforms, and start earning immediately. Your very first post on those platforms can earn you something very surprising. So, it is actually left to you to opt for what you want.

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