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What is Hadoop? Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

What is Hadoop? Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

The big data is referred to as if field which treats ways to analyse and systematically extract information or deal with data sets which are too large or complex to dealt with by traditional data processing applications software. The big data is larger and more complex data sets which is especially from the new data sources. Data sets are so voluminous that traditional data processes software can’t manage them. Types of big data are PDFs, audios, videos etc.

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop  is a framework which allows the person to first store big data in a disturbed environment so that You can process it parallely. There Are two components in hadoop, the first company is HDFS (storage). This allows to dump any kind of data across the cluster. No second component is YARN (processing). This allows parallel processing of the data which is stored in HDFS. The Hadoop Is used for – log processing (Facebook, yahoo), Search (yahoo, zvents, amazon), Data Warehouse (facebook, AOL) and Video and Image Analysis (New York Times, Eyealike).

Hadoop as a Solution :

The following are the points which justifies that the hadoop o provide the solution to the big data problems. The first problem is storing big data. The first component of hand up which is HDFS provides a disturbed way to store big data. The big data is stored in blocks across the data notes and you can specify the size of blocks. For example if you have 512 MB of data then you can configure HDFC and it will create 128 MB of data blocks for you. In this way HDFC will divide data into four blocks as 512/128 = 4 and store it across different data nodes. In this way it can store data blocks on data notes and hence storing the big data is not a challenge anymore.

Another thing is it also solves the problem of scaling. The hadoop focuses on horizontal scaling instead of vertical scaling, And by this you can always add some extra data notes to HDFC cluster whenever you required instead of scaling up to resources of your data nodes. For example if you are storing 1 TB of data Then you don’t need a 1 TB of syatem, Institute on multiple 128GB systems or even less. This is how the hadoop povides a solution to the scaling problem.

The next problem was during the Verity of data in the system. With the headphones HDFS, now you can store all kinds of data whether it is structured,  semi-structured or even unstructured. There is no pre dumping schema validation in HDFS, also It follows Write once and read many model. And you can easily just write the data once and you can read it multiple times for finding insights whenever you want.

The next problem was assessing and processing the data faster. This problem is one of the major challenges with big data. To solve it we move processing to data and not data processing. This means instead of moving data to the master node and then processing the data. In YARN Are texture we have resource manager and node manager. The resource manager might or might not be configured on the same machine as compared to the name notde. But, the nodeManagers should be configured on the same machine where data notes are present.

 Big data analytics certification and training :

Thw “BIG DATA ANALYTICS CERTIFICATION” is curated by Hadoop exports and it covers deep knowledge on big data and hadoop Equus system tools such as YARN, HDFS, pig, hive. The Big Data Analytics Training enable the candidate to work on real life industry use cases in social media, retail, tourism, and finance dominan. The course price Is ₹17,995 and the live online classes schedules differ. As the organization have realized the benefits of big data analytics, That is a huge demand for big data and Hadoop Professionals in the industry. The organizations are looking for big data experts with the knowledge of Hadoop ecosystem And best practices about HDFS, hive, pig, Sqoop etc.

The “BIG DATA ANALYTICS TRAINING” helps the organizations to create new growth opportunities and entirely new categories of companies that can combine and analyze industry data.


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