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Best Online Gaming for PC and Mobile

Best Online Gaming for PC and Mobile

Are you looking to play games on the internet without having to download them and bug your phone memories? Then worry no more, as I will be sharing the best platform I ever stumbled up for your to play Free online games with ease. If you are patient to the end, I will also drop you my recommendation when considering the best options for online games.


Best Online Gaming for PC and Mobile
Best Online Gaming for PC and Mobile

 What is Online Game?

An online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the Internet or any other computer network available. As I said earlier in my introduction, you might be like me who don’t love many Apps, i love my phone free and simple, I love to save space for important stuff, I also don’t want others picking my phone too often in the name of playing games. So the best option for me is to play my video games on the net.

Learning and development benefits of Online games
There are fe benefits you can enjoy playing games online. This will help ypou understand why even consider playing online games. These benefits are as follow;
  • A great source to develop early learning skills for younger children.
  • Enhances memory, brain speed, and concentration.
  • Improved multi-tasking skills.
  • Build skills for future careers.
  • Group play provides social benefits.

And lots more…

Where can I Play Online games with Ease?

For this tutorial, we recommend you play your Online games on Plays.org for many reasons, which i will explain shortly in my next paragraph.

Plays.org is a website platform that offers free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. The website was launched just recent on January 15, 2021, after buying this domain from BuyDomains.

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Currently, they are in beta(ish) mode building a site by publishing a few dozen games for launch. The first game they created was called GameStonks, but it went nowhere fast as they could not buy ads on the Twitter account so they are not deeply connected to the gaming ecosystem.

The sincerity of the site has helped them deliver as promised, using Clicky web analytics to track performance, but it does not carry any third-party advertisements on it.

Some prominent Games

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game: FlapCat Steampunk is a mobile tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird. A cat with a rocket works its way right through this horizontal infinite scroller game.

T-Rex Runner Mobile Tap Running Game: T-Rex Runner is a free and fun mobile tap game where you can tap the screen, click your mouse, or hit the up arrow to have you tyrannosaurus jump and avoid cactus and birds. The game is a one-hit death game and you score points based on how far you travel before you are hit.

Battle Battle – Pokemon Inspired Board Game: Battle Battle is a virtual board game where players try to get their Pokemon-like monsters to the center of the playing field before the competitor does. Each round has fewer places to hide, increasing the odds of being struck and having to start from the beginning of the playing field.

Earth Attack Space Shooting Game: Earth Attack is a space shooter game where you are the Earth and moon shooting to defend yourself from incoming stars coming from all directions. Aim at a star and keep shooting until it has died, then kill off subsequent stars while working your way through this 10-level game.

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Crazy Freekick: Head On Free Kick Soccer Game: This is a head-on view of a free kick game where you time horizontal and vertical slider inputs to shoot shots on goal. Score quickly and frequently to rack up a high score and advance to the next level.

Soccer Pinball 3: Virtual Football Pinball Game: This is a cute soccer pinball game where you are the goalie and 4 players on your team are out to score more than 3 goals on 6 balls to beat the opposing team. The opposing team has a goalie you must get the ball past and try to get it in the goal without the ball falling down the side of the screen.



You don’t have to worry about phone compatibility, as you can now play all your video games online, and its free. I hope you give these games a try, share with your friends and drop your views on the comment section.

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