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Bitcoin keeps making many people rich, as the value keeps skyrocketing, thereby, increasing its popularity. Of course, bitcoin is already famous before now, and is regarded as the king of crytocurrencies. It has been embraced by so many people in different parts of the world, and even so initial opposition are now making use of its power to promote their own cause.

Innovative is a very easy way to make money. Actually, in this century, folks don’t have to indulge in illegal and immoral stuff to make money, as those things breeds negativity that brings troubles and pain, and makes the one unpleasant. But you see, in this age, particularly with the offers of technology, folks don’t have to go through the back door to get transformed financially. You don’t have to rub your hands with corruption, like many older folks are used to. But by having the adequate knowledge about what opportunities and innovation to take advantage of, you can find yourself swimming in wealth in a jiffy.

And, indeed, tons of people have already taken advantage of bitcoin to upgrade their financial stories. You know, some time back, the effect of covid-19 was biting many people. All of a sudden, the prices of bitcoin started skyrocketing and many people became rich.

While there are several cryptocurrencies out there, bitcoin is still the most popular one, and it has even reached a record value of more than $1 billion. It should also be added that there is said to be an estimated 4 million active bitcoin wallet users across the world. And, in fact, we expect more growth in that domain very soon – we should even add that analysts anticipate the number to reach 200 million by 2024.

There are different ways to get bitcoin. You can check them out by learning. We are concerned here about bitcoin apps. Of course, since many folks loves free stuff (and getting things for free), they are still eager to learn how to get BTC without having to spend their own money. Hence, in this article, we are talking about some free mobile apps for bitcoin enthusiasts and investors. There are tons of such out there right now, but you just have to be careful with many of them, for they are not real. But we are talking about some of the best ones out there for you. Let’s get started:

1. Bitcoin Ticker:

First on the list is The Bitcoin Ticker app. This app will help you keep track of the Bitcoin price at all times, which is a very important affair as far as the bitcoin world is concerned. With this free app, you will see the current price of the cryptocurrency in the currency of your choosing,. The app also have the feature where you can even customize the refresh rate as well as other things.

So, you can download the app and start using it immediately. It is free and useful too.

2. Spare:

The second app on the list is Spare. This one allows bitcoin holders to quickly and conveniently turn their bitcoin into cash. With an app like Spare, you don’t even have to use an ATM. All you have to do is to request cash and then receive a barcode. After getting it, you simply take it to a store, and the cashier will scan the code and give you the cash in exchange.

As you can see, this is an innovative product, and is one of the things that keeps helping the progress of the whole bitcoin project. You can download the app for free and start using it immediately.

3. Coinbase:

Next on the list is Coinbase. This is a popular one already. Their Android app is one of the most highly recommended apps as far as taking care of one’s bitcoin wallet is concerned. With the wallet, you can simply buy and sell digital currency without much issues at all. Additionally, it has features that help users to best manage their cryptocurrency.

So, you get simply move all out and download the app for free. Set up your account, and start making do with its numerous innovative features.

4. SpectorCoin:

Now let’s talk about the SpectorCoin. With its mobile bitcoin wallet, users can easily trade and receive bitcoin without much issues. One of the things that has made this app so spectacular is that a large chunk of its digital currency is stored in protected offline storage.

So, this innovative app is also free and helpful, and you can download it for free too.

5. Cointracking:

Cointracking is the next free app on the list. So, if you are a serious trader that is looking for a user-friendly experience, then this app is recommended. With it, you can create pie charts of your portfolio and you can also calculate metrics like realized and unrealized gains and reports for, ahem, tax declaration.

It is a powerful app, and you can easily get it for free too.

6. Blockfolio:

Next on the list is Blockfolio. It will help you keep a close eye on your investments. It came with several features. It sends notifications when bitcoin has reached a particular threshold. The app also keep users up to date with bitcoin news.
Nevertheless, it should be added that the app is not ideal for day traders, because users have to enter their cryptocurrency holdings manually.

7. Xapo:

Finally on the list is Xapo, which can be used to store cryptocurrency. It also acts as a Bitcoin debit card, and it is free to get. It has nice security, and it is convenient to use. So you can also try this.

So, as stated earlier, there are several free bitcoin apps out there quite alright. However, you can try any of these out – or all of them if you can. Download them for free on your smartphone and enjoy their features too. Thank you for reading.

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