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Here’s How You Can Use Instagram To Market Your Design Firm

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with over one billion monthly active users as of 2018, a figure that continues to grow exponentially each day. When it was launched, Instagram was just another social media site filled with selfies, family photos, and vacation pictures.

But something incredible happened over the years: from being yet another social media network, Instagram has now become a full-fledged marketing channel that no business can afford to ignore.

The frequency with which new tools for businesses, including advanced analytics and shoppable Instagram posts, are being launched reflects the growing potential of the social media site as a marketing platform.

Use Instagram To Market Your Design Firm
Use Instagram To Market Your Design Firm

While having a prominent Instagram presence is essential for all kinds of businesses, Instagram marketing is of special significance to design firms, given the visual nature of their products. By solidifying their presence on the social network, design firms can effectively build brand awareness and connect with potential customers.

Ten Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Design Firm

The design industry has evolved a lot in recent years. The marketing strategies you could have relied on in 2010 have become obsolete. The ever-changing marketing atmosphere requires firms to be ready to evaluate, adjust, and update their marketing strategies regularly.

If you feel you’re not equipped with the resources to build an effective social media strategy, you can hire an Instagram agency to execute the job.

Given below are ten ways in which you can use Instagram for your design firm marketing:

1. Sign up for an Instagram Business Account

Do you already have a personal Instagram account that you use for sharing content related to your design firm? Or are you new to Instagram? In either case, you might want to sign up for (or convert your account to) an Instagram business account.

The social network is continually releasing new business tools and features like analytics tools and Instagram Insights that only business accounts can access. It’s easy to convert your personal account to a business one or create a new business account.

A business account not only lets you schedule your posts, but it also allows you to track your Instagram marketing efforts.

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2. Create an Attractive Instagram Profile Page

To grab eyeballs in a crowded social media platform, your firm’s Instagram profile needs to stand out. The design industry is highly competitive, and the chances are high that many of your competitors already have an established presence on Instagram.

To ensure your visibility, you need to create a killer profile page that conveys what your business does and the different ways to contact you. Use an easily recognizable logo or mascot as your profile picture and be sure to include hashtags, keywords, and a link to your business’s website in the bio.

3. Leverage Instagram’s Unparalleled User Engagement

One distinctive quality of Instagram that makes it invaluable to businesses is its unprecedented user engagement rate compared to other social media platforms.

You can easily leverage this feature to build brand awareness and attract more potential customers by following and engaging with other design firms. While Instagram is a more visually-oriented medium, well-composed posts with the right keywords help improve your engagement rates.

4. Publish Engaging Content

One sure-shot way to encourage the audience to spend more time exploring your posts is to publish engaging content. Given that Instagram’s algorithms prioritize content by engagement, it is not advisable to post on a whim.

Thoughtful captions give your photo context and help your audience develop a connection with your brand. It’s also essential to include a CTA. You can ask a question or encourage your followers to tag others who might enjoy the post.

5. Post Great Photographs

Instagram is primarily a visual medium, and the importance of posting great images on the platform can’t be overemphasized. This feature of the social media network complements the design industry, which happens to rely heavily on visual branding.

While posting pictures, share a variety of images that showcase the diversity of your brand and thus help attract different segments of potential customers. Supplement product images with behind-the-scene shots of employees that capture the company culture.

6. Commit to a Regular Posting Schedule

While building your Instagram presence, it’s essential to post regularly to keep your followers interested in your brand. While your audience would love to see regular updates from you, it’s also important not to overwhelm them with too many posts.

The best time to put up content depends on your industry. You’ll need to study the posting patterns of other accounts in the design industry and do some testing to determine the best-suited schedule for your business account.

7. Work with Instagram Influencers

A popular method of brand promotion that you can employ is to work with celebrities or Instagram influencers in your industry. Start following the accounts of other design firms and look for influential Instagrammers who might enjoy your products.

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Collaborations with others in the same industry prove beneficial for both the parties involved.

8. Utilize Instagram Business Tools 

Instagram offers several useful business tools to its users. Instagram Insights is a tool that helps you analyze the performance of your account across several parameters. You can also apply for a Call-to-Action button for Instagram business profiles.

A few other useful tools every business owner should be utilizing are Hootsuite, Instagram Feed WD plugin, Combin, Kicksta, and Linktree.

9. Use Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories offer you a platform to add a human touch to your brand. You can also tag other users in your story as it is excellent for engaging with other design firms and influencers in your industry.

Story highlights are almost an extension of your bio. They are suitable for showcasing new product launches and collaborations with other businesses as they allow you to include links to external sites.

10. Use Hashtags Wisely

With millions of photos being shared on Instagram every day, you have to take a few necessary steps to ensure that your post reaches its intended audience. This is where hashtags come handy: by aggregating posts into a single feed, hashtags make it simple and easy for users to find tagged content.

Using the right combination of trending hashtags and specific hashtags can work wonders in driving in traffic for your business.

As businesses across industries continue to leverage Instagram’s potential as a social media marketing tool, having a prominent social media presence has become imperative for any business today.

Running a design firm in the competitive 21st century comes with its challenges, and managing your firm’s social media marketing as well might not be feasible for you.

As a smart business owner, you can choose to delegate social media marketing to a reliable Instagram marketing service that promises to develop and execute an Instagram marketing strategy that would serve your organization’s unique needs.

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