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Best and Cheapest Airtel data plans in 2020

A lot of people are using Airtel SIM card because they offer reasonable data compared to the likes of MTN (and even 9Mobile) and their network is stronger than that of Glo. Yeah, Airtel might not be a perfect network, but when it comes to reasonably priced data bundles, they are better than many others; and their network is actually better than that of Glo (in many locations).

If you are a user of this network, we will talk about some of their cheapest plans here and now. You can take advantage of any of them to explore the internet as much as you want.

Let’s get started:
1. Airtel Double Data
2. Airtel 3GB for N1000
3. Airtel Youtube Streaming
4. Others

Airtel Double Data

This is a superb one actually. Unfortunately, it is not available for every Airtel user (you should understand why the Telecom company can’t make it available for everyone).

Well, you might want to buy a new Airtel sim card to see if you will be lucky enough though.

Now, in case you are not familiar with what this is about, I need to explain that it is a plan that gives back 100% of your subscribe data as bonus. So let’s say you subscribe to 10GB on Airtel, you will get extra 10GB making it 20GB of data.

To determine if your current sim is eligible, simply dial *144#, and you will receive a message like;
“Enjoy Airtel 100% double Data
3GB for N1000
10GB for N2500”

Airtel 3GB for N1000

If you are not a heavy internet user, you can simply opt for this plan, and you will enjoy it. With this, you can get 3GB monthly plan for just N1000.

To get this, simply dial *431#.

Airtel Youtube Streaming

How about taking advantage of the Airtel Youtube Streaming with just N1k, and you get 4.5GB? In fact, you can even with N4k get up to 19GB.

It should be noted that this plan can only be used to watch YouTube videos. Actually, considering the fact that many people are now turning to YouTube videos for education and entertainment, then this plan is a nice one. I mean, why splashing data that can be used to explore other websites on YouTube videos, when you can easily get this plan?

How to activate it? You can dial *323# and follow the prompt. One other advantage of this plan is that the validity date is 30 days

Here are other normal Airtel data plans you can opt for:
1. N1500 for 6GB – 7 Days – *141*1504#
2. N1,000 1.5GB – 30 Days – *141*1000#
3. N1,200 2GB – 30 Days – *141*1200#
4. N1,500 3GB – 30 Days – *141*1500#
5. N2,000 4.5GB – 30 Days – *141*2000#
6. N2,500 6GB – 30 Days – *141*2500#
7. N3,000 8GB – 30 Days – *141*3000#
8. N4,000 11GB – 30 Days – *141*4000#

In conclusion, we should add that these plans will work virtually on all your devices –  smartphones (either Android or iPhone), PC, and so on

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