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Best Text Messaging Apps for Android Smartphone – Android Messaging Apps


In this article, we will talk about some superb Android messaging app for your Smartphone –
best text messaging apps for Android mobile device which anyone can take advantage of to as
chat freely with their loved ones.

One of the things we are enjoying about technology is the ability to do things more faster and
smarter too. It was made known that more people are texting this day than ever, as it is a
method many prefer to communicate with those not close by.

Although every mobile phones are fully pre-loaded with default SMS apps, some best
messaging apps for Android devices (other than the likes of WhatsApp and Telegram,):

1. Android Messages
2. Facebook Messenger
3. Chomp SMS
4. Textra SMS
5. Handcent Next SMS

1. Android Messages

Here is an impressive app that is not only free, but also have a nice interface – and so is the
choice of many. In case you don't know, the app is Google’s own SMS app.

2. Facebook Messenger

Here is another popular and nice app that is owned by Facebook. It is free to use, and is
available for download on the Google Play Store. Although you should be ready to deal with ads
(which drains your battery quick), you will also enjoy its numerous interesting features.

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3. Chomp SMS

Another free SMS app that has gained popularity via its features and benefits. The app came
with nice features that will make you enjoy what you are doing. You can download it for free on
the Google Play Store.

4. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is one of the best and most popular text messaging apps on Android. It has exciting
and interesting features that can be enjoyed for free from your device. Nevertheless, you are to
upgrade to enjoy some other features of the app – the premium/pro features goes for $2.99.
With this, you will be able to make your messaging more exciting and smarter. You can take
advantage of features like the ultimate customization – where users can design their own world
of texting. You can even delay sending your messages, as well as several other things that can
be done with this messaging app. Thus, it deserves to be on the list of best text messaging apps
for Android phone. You can download it for free on Google Play Store.

5. Handcent Next SMS

Finally on this list is the Handcent Next SMS for Android Smartphones. The app was properly
made by its developer and also has various superb features you will like. You can opt for a dark
theme as well as use emojis. You can backup your SMS and you can also text from either way I
computer or a tablet. This is an amazing app you might want to consider. You can download it
on the Google Play Store and start enjoying it immediately

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In conclusion, although there are tons of others out there, you can start with these and they
will serve you well

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