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The Best 5 Logo Design Apps That Are Easy and Free

The Best 5 Logo Design Apps That Are Easy and Free

The importance of a logo cannot be underestimated in this age of ours. A logo represents what you stand for, and so, you must ensure you not only have one, but that you get a good one.

Of course, it’s a good idea to hire a superb graphic designer to get one done for you. However, we aren’t ignorant of the fact that there are times when people can’t afford the expensive cost required to hire a graphic designer. In fact, there are times when one might not need an elaborate logo, but just a small one to achieve some purposes. Therefore, it is alright to try fixing stuffs yourself.

Today, there are various logo design apps anyone can take advantage of create a nice logo. The amazing thing is that they are free/cheap, and are easy to use.

Of course, there are a lot of logo design apps that are free and easy out there, but we have helped picked the best ones, to save you from unnecessary headaches.

The Best 5 Logo Design Apps
The Best 5 Logo Design Apps

1. DesignEvo Logo Maker with 7000+ Human-proven Logo Templates

This, actually, is one of the best and most convenient logo design apps that can be used on a smartphone device, or on a PC.

It has a large collection of pre-design logo samples – which makes logo design easier than ever.

Users should first focus on what type of service/product they desire building, and they should know the best keyword to describe it. After that, the rest of the activities will become very easy.

2. Tailorbrands with AI Technology

This app utilizes AI algorithm and gives numerous unique logo templates and lists them in random for solopreneur, freelancers, small-medium businesses and large businesses in early stage.

Users are meant to simply input a keyword to start with, and the service generates logos based on their inputs. However, we should add that the system is not perfect, and so, don’t be surprised that some results are not satisfactory

Additionally, Tailorbrands do not come cheaply, its advanced download price is relatively higher.

3. PhotoShop Logo Maker – Free for 15 days.

Of course, Photoshop is pretty popular, and is regarded as the most powerful software for graphics designing. However, you must take note of the fact that you have a lot of things to do.

You are expected to master the skills in PS navigations offering no logo templates, and the result majorly rests on one’s drawing skill and creativity. So, a user that is not good at drawing, may lose some important advantages.

4. Canva Logo Maker with 2500+ Logo Templates.

This is a web app that supports many graphics-rendering tasks, and it is actually one of the most popular ones out there.

With Canva, you can create a superb logo for free, and others may feel you are a professional graphics designer.

It is necessary to add that there is a premium option unlock premium images, which requires users to pay $1/image for a use.

Although you can easily get stuffs done using the desktop version, the app is also available for smartphone devices. In fact, users have the chance to invite their teammates into the design project.

5. Logojoy, AI-Powered Logo Designer

Anyone who don’t know how to create a logo can easily utilise this app to make one instantly and seamlessly.

Logojoy uses complex AI technology to deliver unique and good-looking logo samples for its users without stress. What is needed is simply to input some basic information, e.g. Company Name, Industry, and then it will bring you some logo ideas to select what you like, after that Logojoy will generate logo designs with those selections. You should explore this to learn more about it.

So, there we go: Best Logo Design Apps you can download and use for free without paying anything. Get the ones you feel like getting, and explore them.

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