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Essentials of Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for e-Commerce Solutions

Essentials of Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for e-Commerce Solutions

To be successful with an e-commerce website, then it is necessary to know how to expand and get more customers. Getting more customers mean more revenue and more steps towards expansion.

The online industry is getting more saturated by the day, and for anyone to thrive, then the person must be ready to make constant and consistent effort. Thriving means one is making reasonable amount of sales and that the customers keep on coming back.

Of course, one has to be innovative to stand out. And so, it is of advantage to create a superb digital marketing strategy for one’s e-commerce marketing. But what is the right way to go? This is what this article is all about.

digital marketing
Digital marketing

Starters usually find it difficult to start appropriately, but with the right guidance, things will move smooth.

Here are tips to develop nice plans for eCommerce businesses to do superb digital marketing promotions.

1. Developing a plan

As far as Search Engines are concerned, a lot have changed (particularly on Google). There was a time SEO was just all about stuffing keywords and trying to persuade the search engine crawlers to rank your platform very high. Things have changed and the bots are more intelligent now.

So, it’s no longer something to treat with levity, and you must have a plan in place.

The first thing is to try knowing your strengths and weaknesses before any other step. Simply take into consideration important things like what your business’ unique strengths are, where you are winning the most, what is still lacking, and so on.

2. Set your digital marketing objectives

This will prevent you from sailing aimlessly. The most crucial part of digital marketing planning is that one have to first establish what is known as the Key Performance Indicators
Here are some of the important KPIs to consider:
• General KPIs
• The total number of prospective visitors
• Number of returning visitors
• Average time spent on the website
• Rate of conversion
• Total revenue
• Revenue per customer
• Customer retention rate
• Cost of acquisition
• Financial KPIs
• Gross revenue
• Profit and net profit
• Marketing spends, etc

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As these important things have been established, one can then quantify the results and expect a return on investment of one’s digital marketing services plans.

Don’t forget that a nice digital marketing strategy may need to adapt as time pass by. One may achieve an 80% increase in the conversion after 30 days and then look for ways to understand how and why to adjust the figures.

We suggest these:

• Social Media: A tool like Facebook insights can be utilized to get a better understanding of the engagement of one’s potential consumers.

• Google Analytics: A popular one from Google that can help get a reasonable insight on where traffic emanate from and what kind of searches people conduct to find your business out.

• Sales Staff: A splendid source of information, as one’s sales staff understand customers well enough. Although digital tools are profound, there is a place for real human interactions that can never be pushed to the background.

So, it is necessary to develop ideal personas based on all available inputs to identify one’s target market in depth.

3. Understanding the buying cycle

This is simply how a customer behaves before they decide to make a payment and become a fan.

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Starting with being a total stranger to the enterprise, an ideal customer journey may look like this:

Stage #1: Awareness – The person finds your business through a source and got wind of your offer

Stage #2: Research – The person then conduct a research on your products or services to get deeper insights.

Stage #3: Decision making – The person then decided to pay for what you offer

Stage #4: Loyalty – After trying out what you offer, they became a fan that keeps coming back.

4. Digital marketing content generation

Putting together all these, one need to create appropriate content for one’s digital marketing campaigns to reach to the clients at each stage of their buying cycle.

This is not difficult to do. If you think it is, you can simply pass it to experts for a fee.

Don’t forget to do close follow-up through the sales funnel so as to see to it that your digital marketing campaigns bring in people and also convert them into successful buyers.


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