Gone are the days you need millions to buy/import goods in a full container. Now you can start a business with as little as N50,000.

6 Business Ideas
6 Business Ideas That Will Make You Rich

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Business Ideas That Will Make You Rich

Thanks to the internet, almost everything is possible from the comfort of your home, all you need is a phone or a laptop. In no time you will be counting millions and we are going to show you how. So, let’s talk about 5 types of mini-importation business you can start right away:

  1. The Personal Shopper: This is a trend that can fit into your lifestyle without altering your daily activities, all you need is to shop items/products from USA/UK online stores that sell items for as low as $1 or go for the designers that are affordable sell to your friends, colleagues or associations and smile to the bank every week.
  2. Hair and Cosmetics: Nearly everyone wants to slay. Ladies want to have the best hair and look like a model from a magazine. The hair and beauty business is a multi billion Naira trade that gets you rich as long as you go for quality products. Buy at lower cost and you make your profits with ease. Apply Now 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant $5000
  3. Costume / Jewelry: Now if you have limited funds and want to invest in a business as a student, you might want to consider the jewelry business. Do you know there are online stores in USA selling some pieces as low $2? You can get lots of ear rings, rings, bracelet etc and sell at very good prices.
  4. Men & Women Fashion: Come rain, come shine, every one needs to be clothed and these are so cheap from wholesale online stores in USA. You get them cheap, yet they are top quality, so you sell them a little higher here to make high profit. This is not limited to clothes, you can buy and sell footwear too. An Important Guide To Website Security
  5. Kids/Children Fashion: Have you walked into some local online or retail stores around only to find a baby cloth selling for N18,000? Those little cute piece of clothes are sold way cheaper by US online stores but sold here for thousands. If you are looking for the fastest means of making money this is one business you must start this 2019.
  6. Buying and selling Cheap Data, Airtime, Bulk SMS, Tv Subscription, Money Transfer on Paycheap.ng The website will be launching in a few hours now it takes just 1000 to register and you become our Agent and start making money on your Mobile Phones.
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