A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Whatsapp Group

A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Application Now Open

We have decided to create an A.Y.E Trust Circircle on WhatsApp where we can grow to know each other and trust each other by sharing ideas and business concepts. Are you interested? then click the button below to join A.Y.E Trust fund WhatsApp Circle. This is nonofficial Whatsapp group but just a group of trust members who want to build Trust network. Remember If You can Achieve this much alone, How much can we achieve together.

   A.Y.E Trust Fund Circle 2019 Whatsapp Group   

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A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Whatsapp Group
A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Whatsapp Group

  A.Y.E Trust Fund 2019 Whatsapp Group


About A.Y.E Trust Fund

A.Y.E Trust Fund is an innovative platform and the FIRST entrepreneurs’ cooperative in the World, designed to encourage its members to imbibe the savings culture and gain access to no interest, no collateral instant loans in case of business and life emergencies

The online platform is user-friendly, easily accessible by entrepreneurs and other people in society with similar interests. The platform offers her members enormous social, economical, relational and financial benefits to engage in their day to day business activities.

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How AYE Trust Fund it works?

Create an account by registering on the platform. Registration is automatic and you will instantly get access to the platform. Make sure you supply a valid email address when registering as your email is the major channel for all activities on the platform.

Your TRUST FUND Account is funded weekly by an automated direct debit to the Bank Account you provided when signing up unto the TRUST FUND platform or by direct bank transfer.

After you have registered and have activated your account, you will get a message like this:

Enhance your trust network today! You might need their trust tomorrow. Share with your friends and family by entering as many as possible of your circle emails. Remember your trust network is your net-worth !

FAQs What is A.Y.E Trust Fund?

The A.Y.E Trust Fund is a platform where African entrepreneurs get access to loans with no interest, no collateral, no credit check and no paper work in approximately 59 seconds after approval.

Who can sign up on the A.Y.E Trust Fund platform?

Anyone with an active bank account can sign up on the A.Y.E Trust Fund platform.

How do I open an A.Y.E Trust Fund account?

Opening an A.Y.E Trust Fund account is free and easy. To open an account, follow the steps below:

On the Home Page, click on the sign up button.
Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to agree.
Enter your details and click on the sign up button.
Choose a Trust Fund category and register.

What is a Trust Deposit?

This serves as a membership fee. You need to Trust the platform for the platform to Trust you. The deposit gives you a membership right and immediate access to several other benefits that the platform provides.


How do I fund my A.Y.E Trust Fund account?

Your A.Y.E TRUST FUND account is funded weekly by an automated direct debit from the bank account you provided when signing up unto the TRUST FUND platform. It can also be funded by direct bank transfer.
You may also wish to pay upfront for instance; a month, six months or even a year savings so as to avoid default on your savings.

What is TFP?

TFP stands for TRUST FUND PIN. This is the unique identification number of each Trust Member issued after signing up on the platform. It is used for transactions on the platform and to offer Trust to other members. It will also be required to access other benefits on the platform.


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