The Minimum Requirements for SIM Replacement Swap

The #MTN180Tips for the week is on Minimum Requirements for SIM Replacement/Swap Requested by Owner

The Minimum Requirements for SIM Replacement Swap
The Minimum Requirements for SIM Replacement Swap

Few things are required now according to NCC before Sim card users of MTN welcome back any Number. This was put to prevent fraud of stolen MTN Sim cards.

Requirements for MTN SIM Replacement Swap

  1. The phone number must be registered
  2. MTN Users must Provide the Lost or damaged Sim pack if you can’t find this you must go and swear a Cort Affidavit proving your Identity
  3. You must provide three (3) Frequently used numbers EG numbers on your sim that you always call, or text, or flash whichever one but those numbers are what show you are the owner of Sim and have been communicating to those people.
  4. You provide to the MTN Customer Serice Center where you want to welcome the sim some past recharge amounts you have done. EG you loaded 100, 400, 500 few days before the sim got lost. This is to show you really know about that Sim you are not trying to claim a Sim that is not yours
  5. A Government Issued ID Card such as Driver License, National ID, Voters Card etc
  6. Also, When Doing MTN welcome back, you can present your temporary National ID Card NIMs which has clearly shown your ID number on it.
  7. To do  MTN welcome back For another person eg DAD, Granpa, Grandam, or a sick person, you can do this using the proxy Form provided by MTN customers are. Go and collect the Form at any MTN office and take it to the person you want to do  MTN welcome back for. Then the person must give you his or ID card to prove he is the owner, and then sign the Form.
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Basically, these are what I know about The Minimum Requirements for SIM Replacement Swap. You have any further question simply Drop me a comment, I will reply immediately i see it.

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