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Why Samsung Should Be Scared Of This Year’s iPhones?

Why Samsung Should Be Scared Of This Year’s iPhones?

This year’s iPhones come with the most revolutionary features – Artificial Intelligence to the core of the device range

The way for supremacy in the smartphone world continues – with the most significant activity being undertaken between Samsung and Apple – most recently, with the launch of the latest iPhones – XS, XS Max,and XR. This year, Apple comes with four significant feature upgrades: A new OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen, a bigger screen ‘MAX’ option, a Dual SIM capabilityand, in my view, most importantly, a revised version of the bionic chip that Apple introduced last year.

Below: Apple Global iPhone Sales in Millions Of Units

Apple’s iPhone sales now constitute the majority of their revenues – but sales have plateaued of late.
: Apple face a leveling off in sales of their iPhone range and are taking steps to address the situation.

Source: Statista


Recently, on August 24, Samsung launched its latest smartphone, Galaxy Note 9, in New York. The launch took place around one month earlier than expected, so Samsung could get it in to stores before the 2018 iPhone series arrive on the market. Samsung should take careful note of Apple’s plans rather than investing in cringe-worthy commercials show that mock their rival.

Here’s what Samsung should notice about the new iPhone range

A12 Bionic Chip is making the iPhone deliver the speed that users want

All of the 2018 iPhones features ix-core A12 ‘Bionic’ chips, which makes these smartphones highly-responsive to user inputs, smooth in their screen updates and underpin the power that recently released apps need.This new, more advanced chip set makes these iPhones deliver a much improved Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience. AI technology is increasingly the cornerstone of the smartphone industry, with more and more companies looking to capitalize on the benefits it can deliver their users.

The A12 Bionic serves as the base now, for these phones. This year’s A12 processors the first mobile processor built using a 7nm process to go on sale. It features six cores that manage the device’s workload by splitting task allocation, depending on power requirements.

Pundits claim the new chip is 15 percent faster than the previous generations of iPhone equivalents, a non trivial improvement in a year. The new chip consumes 40 percent less power and the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) inside the A12 is 50 percent quicker than last year’s A11 chip. Overall, the new processor is going to boost the processing system of the latest iPhones drastically.

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The upgraded ‘neural engine’ in this year’s phone (that’s the new design of the Bionic Chip) makes these devices faster than the previous versions for tasks that require the special calculations that AI algorithms demand.

The iPhone 2018 series can run an incredible 5 trillion operations per second. Also, it has resulted in extended battery life that is expected to last 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X – another critical feature that users demanded.

One good example of the sort of task that the new chipsets support is facial recognition. This year’s iPhone are better and more effective at recognizing people’s glasses and hair, for example, and they process images both for face recognition to grant entry to the phone, and adapting images from the camera, accordingly. As a result of the new Bionic Chip, the speed of Face ID has also improved drastically.

Apple XS comes with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED panel

The OLED Display

Apple XS comes with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED panel,and the iPhone XS Max features a whopping 6-inch version of the same screen. iPhone XR still features a ‘classic’ Liquid Retina HD LCD IPS screen, making it different (and, importantly, cheaper) to the other two models. The OLED panel in these iPhones is sharper in resolution due to the large size of the screen. The new iPhones screens are more colorfuloffer better color saturation. To the average user, the screen will be more engaging to look at – extending Apple’s lead in the area. Apple users, for example, already spend longer looking at their phone than Android equivalents and use more mobile data each month because they engage with their device more often.

Dual SIM capability will increase iPhone sales and open a new revenue stream

One of the major advancements in the latest iPhones is dual SIM functionality,which gives users access to two cellular networks at once. Unlike other smartphones with dual SIM capability, Apple has taken a different approach. They have engineered their smartphones to use one Nano-SIM card, paired with an embedded SIM (eSIM).

The eSIM, technology Apple has been actively driving for the last 10 years, will offer a much improved experience to users when it comes to moving telcos. With it, users can keep a physical SIM in their phone all the time and still move to any other carrier, directly from settings. It’s great for travelers, for example, who seek to save money on their carrier SIM only plans by connecting to a local provider, rather than picking up a second, physical SIM, while they are overseas.

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The eSIM may even enable Apple to start reselling phone plans on the network on major telcos. In fact, many industry insiders have pointed out the Apple is in the process of making arrangements for this to happen – by selling phone plans themselves. By offering phone plans to customers, Apple could make additional 30 percent to 50 percent more revenues than it currently captures – a huge industry shift.

Final words

Samsung’s attempt to mock iPhone and the earlier release of Galaxy Note 9 suggest that the company is afraid of Apple’s iPhone roadmap. Of all the improvements, establishing AI capabilities at the core of their product and allowing, for the first time, their developer community to write software which uses the capability, is likely to provide the biggest long term user experience improvements. Starting now, Apple’s experience is going to get even faster, even more personalized and even more battery efficient. That chart of Apple sales could well start to grow again.

Guest Article By – Ralf Gallano
Content Marketing Lead
E: ralf@whatphone.com.au

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